Best body shaper for large stomachs

Large stomachs can make even a $1000 dress look awful on your body. And unfortunately, you can’t get rid of those fat rolls in one week. But don’t worry, we know something that might help.

Can’t fit in your party outfit or business clothes? In situations like these body shapers are a quick and temporary fix for large stomachs.

This shapewear is best for hiding belly fat, muffin tops, and enhancing the overall figure. No matter how tight your dress is, the right shapewear can help you fit in it in minutes.

Now the big question is, which shapewear to buy? This is why we did the research for you and created a list of the 5 best body shapers for large stomachs.

These are the reviews of our favorite shapewear for minimizing fat stomachs.

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    1. SPANX Plus-Size Oncore Panty Bodysuit

    • Material:

      75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

    • Closure:

      Hook and eye closure

    • Design:

      Open bust design

    • Straps:

      Adjustable shoulder straps

    • Available in extra-large sizes
    • Machine washable
    • Support Level 3; Super Firm
    • Butt endhancing
    • Crotch clasp isn't user-friendly

    Several brands in the market offer shapewear for plus size women. Then what is that one feature that makes Spanx Body Shaper different?

    Well, the difference is that this product, in particular, is design for larger ladies. The design is specially created for plus size women and tested on relevant candidates. This is what makes Spanx shapewear one of the best choices for plus size women.

    This shaper contains nylon and spandex, both of these highly elastic material offer firm pressure. The design of the product directs the force towards the front and lower abdominal area. This makes it easier to temporarily hide large bellies.

    Another great advantage of this design is the lack of side seams. This allows you to wear tight and form-fitting dresses without worrying about the shaper bulking up.

    Spanx Oncore has an open bust design that is a plus point for women of every size. Not only can you wear your own bra with this shaper but this design offers support to your bust area and makes the chest look perkier.

    The shaper features adjustable shoulder straps that we consider a must for open bust designs. Why? Because you can tighten up the straps to get more or less bust support according to your preferences.

    Lastly, the Spanx shaper is machine washer approved. Just throw it in the machine with cold water, and it will be fresh in a few minutes.

    SHAPERX Tummy Control Fajas Columbianas Bodysuit

    2. SHAPERX Tummy Control Fajas Columbianas Bodysuit

    • Design:

      Open bust design

    • Closure:

      Hook and Zipper closures

    • Straps:

      Non-slip adjustable shoulder straps

    • Design:

      Lace detail at the bottom

    • High compressing yet comfortable
    • Easy to open crotch for bathroom use
    • Breathable material
    • Not ideal for butt enhancement

    Do you think that your shapewear should look aesthetically pleasing? If yes, then you are in the right place. Shaperx is the best tummy control for women who are tired of wearing boring shapewear.

    The color selection for this Shaperx shapewear is basic but this shapewear has a not-so-basic 0.75-1 inch floral lace at the bottom edge of the panty and this lace gives the shapewear a high-end look and makes all the difference.

    In addition to that, this shapewear has a zipper closure on the front. This makes putting on this shapewear easier and faster than a pull on the shaper.

    This zipper closure is more efficient time-wise but sometimes it isn’t recommended to wear a zipper shaper under form-fitting dresses. Because the zipper might show and look bulgy.

    However, there is nothing to worry about when you have Shaperx. This brand uses delicate zips and stitch them well. So the zipper stays undercover even under a skin-tight dress.

    In addition to the zipper, this shapewear simultaneously features a hook and eye closure. This double closure makes the shapewear extra secure.

    This shapewear like most of the other in this list also features an open bust design. This means you can wear a bra of your choice under the shapewear and get some extra bust support as well.

    Furthermore, both of the shoulder straps are made with the same elastic material. This prevents the straps from moving or slipping. These straps are also adjustable and provide a better fit.

    Lastly, the Shaperx tummy control is available in 7 sizes (from XS to XXXL). So, if you are a plus-size lady, get your hands on Shaperx.

    3. MAIDENFORM Flexees Shapewear Torsette

    • Body material:

      80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

    • Straps material:

      78% Nylon, 22% Lycra

    • Design:

      Open bust design

    • Side bulge:

      High side panels to prevent side bulge

    • Breathable and comfortable fabric
    • Wide shoulder straps for extra support
    • Hides back bulge
    • Some people find it difficult to put on

    Can’t find a tummy control shapewear that also hides the underarm fat and back bulge? Fortunately, this next product offers underarm fat compression, tummy control, and more.

    This shapewear Torsette from Maidenform has 80% nylon in its composition. This huge percentage of nylon offers firm compression and smoothens large belly.

    Moreover, the Flexees shapewear features high side panels. Which means, it’s time to say goodbye to your underarm fat. Even when you are wearing a conventional bra, the underarm bulge will stay hidden.

    On top of that, this shapewear has wider shoulder straps. These unique shoulder straps are designed to stay in place. It also provides extra support to the bust area and firms the underarm fat.

    This shapewear offers better back compression as well. So, if you are worried about your back bulge showing then Flexees might be the perfect fit for you.

    Flexees shapewear also has an open bust design. So, you can wear your regular bra underneath the shapewear for a better fit.

    And lastly, Maidenform has a mesh lining for extra comfort and softness. It also helps to prevent you from overheating in the summer.

    Disclaimer: As this shaper is a Torsette, it has a higher chance of rolling up. Especially if you choose the wrong size.

    4. DIANE & GEORDI Fajas Columbianas Post Surgery Liposuction Bodysuit

    • Closure:

      Hook and Eye closure

    • Length:

      Knee-length shaper

    • Design:

      Open bust design

    • Extras:

      Butt enhancing design

    • High compression fabric
    • Improves posture
    • May help to speed up C-Section and natural birth healing process
    • The size chart is inaccurate

    Are you tired of wearing a top and bottom shapewear separately? How amazing would it be if you could find the best of both worlds in one shaper, right? Well, finding full body shapewear is actually not that difficult.

    This shapewear from Diane and Geordi is one of the best knee length shapewear available in the market. This one shapewear eliminates the need for wearing two different top and bottom shapewear.

    Diane and Geordi use high compression fabric for the construction of this bodysuit shapewear. It will help reduce your tummy, muffin tops, back bulge, and more.

    The only part this shapewear doesn’t compress is the butt area. The unique mesh design enhances the butt and gives a Brazilian butt lift.

    This shapewear features wider shoulder straps and high side panels. Both design details work together to remove the side bulge and improves the side profile. The wide shoulder straps prevent the shapewear from moving.

    Instead of having one closure, this shapewear offers both zipper and hook & eye closures. This gives the shapewear extra security and better compression.

    This shapewear is multipurpose, so you can wear it under office or part cloths. The company advertises it as postpartum shapewear. This means, if you just had a baby and your belly is still needing some love then Diane and Geordi might help you. Start wearing this shapewear as your doctor recommend to help speed up the C-section healing process.

    Women who gave a natural birth can also benefit from this shapewear. As it improves the posture and in result, decreases pelvic pain.

    On top of that, it is also good for people who got liposuction.

    FEELINGIRL Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit

    5. FEELINGIRL Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit

    • Material:

      70% Nylon, 30% Spandex

    • Straps:

      Adjustable shoulder straps

    • Closure:

      Hook and Eye, and zipper closure

    • Sides:

      High side panels

    • Open crotch for easy bathroom use
    • Butt lifting
    • More affordable than other options
    • Can help to prevent herniated discs
    • Inaccurate size chart
    • Doesn't do hip contouring

    Apparently, even if you don’t have the money to buy the more expensive shapewear, you might still get a large stomach. Who would’ve thought that?

    FEELINGIRL did. Not only they thought about the issue but also created good quality shapewear for all the broke girls out there.

    Saving up money to pay tuition fees or trying to get a new house? Well, this shapewear is so cheap, you might think you are getting it for free.

    This tummy control shapewear is manufactured using 70% Nylon and 30% spandex. In simple words, this shapewear offers medium to firm compression. But because of its design, the wearer can quickly achieve an hourglass silhouette.

    This item has a soft inner lining for extra comfort. The material is moisture-wicking and dries quickly to prevent sweat spots.

    With some shapewear, using the bathroom while wearing shapewear is a hassle. Fortunately, this shapewear has an easy to open crotch. Just unhook it, and you are good to go. The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can customize the product however you please.

    All of the above features are basic specifications of FEELINGIRL shapewear. But this brand is offering the shapewear in 2 colors and 3 slightly different designs. You can pick and choose whichever design suits you the most.

    Design 1: Offers better bust support, has pulled on closure, and features a thong bottom.

    Design 2: Features a zipper + hook and eye closure for extra security and a panty bottom.

    Design 3: Has a basic panty bottom as well but a shirred bust area.

    Buying Guide: Best Body Shaper for Large Stomach

    Just because a product has a 5-star review doesn’t mean that it is the right product for you. There are a lot of things that you should consider before getting the shapewear.

    This is why we have created this list of 3 main factors that will make your shapewear shopping easier. We hope it helps you find your perfect fit.

    1. Right Size

    A huge misconception about shapers is that going a size down works better for minimizing effect. But shapewear doesn’t work that way.

    The idea here is the same as the bra, undergarment, or any clothing item in general. If you want the best performing shaper, then get the shapewear in your original size.

    2. Material & Fabric

    The fabric of the shapewear can tell you how much the product will transform your figure. So, for instance, if you are looking for a complete transformation, then get shapewear with 70-90% Nylon.

    A higher nylon ratio means the shapewear will be better for controlling larger bellies. But for women who are just interested in smoothing then 60-70% Nylon will work.

    If you are prone to sweat, then cotton lining will be your best friend. This fabric wicks away moisture and prevents sweat spots.

    3. Style of Shapewear

    Shapewear for large stomachs comes in several different shapes. Open bust shapewear is better for mothers who breastfeed or ladies who want extra bust support. Knee-length shapewear work great for people who want smooth legs.

    So, just look around and choose the style that matches your requirements.

    Wrapping up

    Each of these shapewear options could be perfect for a large belly. But with that said, all of them might not be for you.

    In short, if you still haven’t figured out which shapewear to get then let us help you.

    SPANX Oncore Bodysuit: This is the best shapewear for plus size women. The high percentage of nylon offers firm compression. And the open bust design gives extra support to the chest area.

    DIANE & GEORDI Fajas Columbianas Bodysuit: Just had a baby or went through liposuction? Diane and Geordi accompany you and make your recovery faster, more comfortable, and painless.

    FEELINGIRL Tummy Control Bodysuit: Don’t have hundreds of dollars in your pocket? But you don’t need money to look cute. FEELINGIRL offers high-quality shapewear at affordable prices.

    These were out recommendations for best body shapers for the large stomach. Hope you find your best match.

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