Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders

If you have shoulders that slope then you’ll know how difficult it can be to find bras that don’t slide off your shoulders, leaving you awkwardly trying to adjust yourself throughout the day. Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a normal bra that you find locally or some high end bra that you’ve paid over the odds for. Slopping shoulders can make breasts look saggy, and wearing the wrong bra can make this more noticeable 

There are many reasons why you may have sloping shoulders, whether that be genetics or things like poor posture. While these can sometimes these can be solved through proper exercise and sometimes medical intervention, we can’t help you with the medical side but what we can do is help you find the best possible bra for sloping shoulders.

We created a list of 5 best bras for sloppy shoulders. These bras with narrow set shoulder straps will save your day instantly.

So, let’s begin.

Warners No Side Effect Contour Bra
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    5 Best Bras for Slopping Shoulders Reviews

    BALI Comfort Revolution Shaping Bra

    1. BALI Comfort Revolution Shaping Bra

    • Cup Material:

      94% Nylon, 6% Spandex

    • Closure:

      Front opening, Clasp closure

    • Strap:


    • Cups:


    • Underwire:

      With Underwire

    • Available in 20+ sizes
    • Comfortable, yet shaping
    • U-design straps stay in place
    • Cheaper plastic clasps

    Bali Comfort Revolution bra is perfect for women who find it difficult to wear a back opening bra. This is because it features a front clasp opening instead of a conventional back one.

    This bra from Bali is made with 94% Nylon. Due to the higher nylon ratio, the Bali bra offers enhancement and bust shaping. The side panels are rather big and help with minimizing the underarm fat.

    The bra straps are also made with the same elastic material. It decreases the chances of straps falling off your shoulder or moving. These bra straps are adjustable, which is a big plus point.

    In addition to that, Bali bra straps are in a U-design. This shape ensures that the straps stay in one place and not move.

    The cups are lightly padded and have an underwire design that offers additional support. The cups also prevents sagging and makes the bust look better.

    Experts usually recommend an underwire bra for women with a bigger bust. Plus size women can also benefit from this as it is good for large breasts and narrow shoulders.

    The best feature about the Bali Comfort Revolution Shaping bra is that it is inclusive. This brand is offering 20+ sizes up to 42DD. Which means, hopefully, most women would be able to get their perfect bra.

    Furthermore, if you fell in love with this Bali bra style, they sell the same design in 10+ colors, which makes it easier to build your undergarment wardrobe from scratch.

    Warners No Side Effect Contour Bra

    2. WARNER's No Side Effect Contour Bra

    • Material:

      78% Nylon, 22% Spandex

    • Closure:

      Hook and Eye closure

    • Underwire:

      Wire-free comfortable cups

    • Strap:

      Front adjustable straps

    • Machine washable
    • Bigger side panels eliminate the bulge
    • Hides back fat
    • Some wearers have found the seams to irritate

    Are you someone who prioritizes comfort over everything? If yes, then Warner has the perfect item for you. The No Side Effect contour bra for short shoulders is comfortable to wear and solve the sloppy shoulder problems instantly.

    This bra has a no-wire design, making it a perfect fit for women with a small to medium bust. The cups are lightly padded, which not only makes the bra comfortable but also enhances the figure.

    Bali used 78% Nylon in the making of this No Side Effect bra. The high side panels that contain the same material helps with hiding the underarm fat.

    The bra straps are elastic and flexible, that fits almost everyone like a glove. These straps are set near the center at the back, which is an excellent position for sloped shoulders and prevents them from falling.

    These straps are also front adjustable. You can make minor changes to the straps while wearing the bra.

    The back panels are relatively wider than the conventional bras. The composition material is nylon so, be ready to say goodbye to back bulge. The back of this bra features a hook and eye closure for security.

    The thing that makes this bra user-friendly is that you can throw it in the machine with your other clothes. The bra doesn't shrink and retains its actual shape even after tens of wash.

    Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra

    3. MAIDENFORM Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra

    • Material:

      81% Nylon, 19% Elastane

    • Closure:

      Hook and Eye closure

    • Strap:

      Back adjustable straps

    • Underwire:

      Cloud foam underwire cups

    • Affordable than other options
    • Lace and ribbon detail
    • Full coverage big cups
    • Some users have found that the seams irritate

    This Comfort Devotion bra from Maidenform is best for all broke college students. All of those girls who want something cute that doesn't cost them half a day of wage. However, even if you are in your late 20s or early 30s, you can easily rock this cute yet mild lace and ribbon detail.

    Maidenform uses 81% Nylon for the production of this bra. This high level of nylon in the bra makes it better for shaping and contouring. Unfortunately, the side panels are too short to prevent side spillage.

    This bra has an underwired design, which means better support. However, don't be afraid of the underwire; it is comfortable. The cups are soft and filled with cloud foam; you'll get slight bust contouring.

    Furthermore, the cups are big enough to give full coverage. These big cups are a plus point if you are always afraid of spillage and showing too much skin.

    The shoulder straps are soft yet elastic and don't move. They have a U-shape in the back, which assures better strap positioning. Both of these straps are easy to adjust from the back. This bra opens from the back and has regular hook and eye closure.

    Maidenform Comfort Devotion bra is available in several colors and patterns. Plain, polka dots, or floral? You name it, Maidenform has it. And with the vast size range, anyone can get the perfect bra for their body.

    4. VANITY FAIR Beauty Back Bra

    • Material:

      78% Nylon, 22% Spandex

    • Closure:

      Hook and Eye closure

    • Underwire:

      Wire-free soft-lined cups

    • Straps:

      Back adjustable straps

    • Available in plus size options
    • More affordable than other options
    • Several nude shade variants
    • Offers a sleek silhouette
    • The size chart is inaccurate

    Don't care about the style of the bra; want something simple and affordable? Looking for a bra that you can mix and match with other undergarments and dresses?

    Well, fortunately, Vanity Fair has the right product for you. This Beauty Back Bra is one of the most affordable options in this list.

    This bra is made with 78% Nylon and offers better shaping. The side and back panels are relatively larger than the conventional bra. This means, when you are wearing Beauty Back Bra, there's no side spillage or back bulge.

    The contoured bra cups are soft and wireless. They boost the comfort level and enhance the bust shape instantly. These cups are large enough, offer better support and maximum coverage.

    Bra straps are adjustable from the back. So, you can customize the size however you prefer. The adjustable straps also provide additional bust support.

    This bra has a conventional back opening with hook and eye closure. But instead of 2 or 3 hooks in a row, you get 4 for extra security.

    It comes in tons of solid and nude colors. No matter your skin tone, you can quickly get a Vanity Fair bra that suits your complexion. Furthermore, this bra is available in plus size options so everyone can enjoy the product.

    Warners Play It Cool Contour Bra with Lift

    5. WARNER's Play it Cools Contour Bra with Lift

    • Materials:

      51% Nylon, 37% Polyester, 12% Spandex

    • Lining:

      Luxurious velvet lining

    • Underwire:

      Light lift, wire-free padded cups

    • Straps:

      Cushioned comfort adjustable straps

    • Machine washable
    • Lift without cleavage
    • Prevents overheating and dries quickly
    • Not suitable for plus size ladies

    The Play it Cool Bra from Warner is the best lift bra on this list. And the best thing about Play it Cool is that it is incredibly comfortable to wear. You can enjoy the lift and support of an underwire bra with a wire-free design.

    This bra is made with mostly Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex, a common material for bras. But the lining makes all the difference here. Warner uses luxurious velvet as lining for extra comfort.

    Not only the lining of this bra is soft to touch but so are the bra straps. A lot of the times, the straps for sloppy shoulders can feel tight. But Play it Cool bra has a soft cushioned bra that gives bust support without being harsh on the skin.

    The straps can be adjusted form the front. And they are designed in a U-shape that prevents them from moving or falling off.

    The bra cups are soft and contoured and offer shaping and moderate lifting. But if you want to maximize the lift, adjusting the length of the straps would work great.

    Do you hate when your bra rises? Well, this one won't. Play it Cool features a soft elastic band at the bottom that prevents the bra from rising while you are moving.

    If you hate the hassle of handwashing your garments, then you might like the Play it Cool because this bra is machine washable.

    Buying Guide: Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders

    When it comes to undergarments, never buy an item just because it’s looking cute. Trust us, you’ll regret it.

    The same applies to best-selling products. Yes, hundreds of women loved a particular bra, but it doesn’t always make that product a good fit for you.

    So, if you want to know how to prevent the bra straps from falling off your shoulders, the answer is simple. Consider these two factors when buying a bra for your sloped shoulders to get the perfect match.

    1.      Right Size

    Whether you have sloppy, straight, or round shoulders, no one can deny the importance of the right bra size. In short, if your bra straps keep falling off, then maybe downsize and observe what happens.

    An ideal bra size would be where the bra cup and shoulder straps give a comfort fit – neither too tight nor too loose.

    2.      Adjustable Straps

    Having adjustable straps can help you further customize the bra. If you feel like the cup size and belt width is perfect, yet the straps are still falling off. You can solve this problem by adjusting the straps.

    Many bras in the market offer an adjustable strap option. So, finding one won’t be difficult.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Several factors might be the reason your bra straps are sliding off your shoulder. But the one issue that is common among many women is the wrong bra size.

    It is an obvious fact that the wrong size bra affects the performance of the product. (By wrong bra here, we specifically mean a bigger cup or longer, nonadjustable bra straps.)

    The distance between your neck and the bra straps also decides whether the straps will slide or not. For instance, most women recommend positioning the straps not more than 2 inches away from your neck.

    If you follow our buying guide to choose a bra, then it'd turn out to be the best. But two bra types are inherently better for women with sloppy shoulders.

    Racerback Bra: This bra gives the most back support and prevents straps from sliding off.

    Convertible Bra: As the name suggests, these are the bra where you can convert the straps into a crisscross manner for better support.

    Wrapping up

    Still not sure which bra to buy for your slopped shoulders? Let us help you.

    BALI Comfort Revolution Bra: This bra is best for narrow shoulders and large bust. It does shape, contouring, and figure enhancement. In addition to that, the Bali bra hides underarm fat and back bulge.

    MAIDENFORM Comfort Devotion Bra: For people who want comfortable bra at an affordable price, Maidenform bra is your best catch.

    WARNER’s Play it Cool Contour Bra: Play it Cool is a soft bra with close set back straps and luxurious velvet lining that offers lift and shape.

    And these were our five best bras for slopping shoulder recommendations. We hope you find your match.

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