Best Shapewear for Evening Gown

Have you ever bought an expensive dress from a well-known brand and wonder why you don’t look as good as the model? Trust me, almost every woman has been there.

This doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful. In reality, there is a lot that goes into fashion photography—for example, best photographers, Photoshop, and much more.

Every step counts in making fashion photography look good. And unless you are a model who has a professional workout coach, you might not look editorial level right in an evening gown.

So, what to do? We can’t walk around in real life with Snapchat filters on. But using the right undergarment can solve a lot of your issues.

You wear a bra to accentuate your breast and support them, right? Just like that, you should be wearing body shapewear under fit dresses. These bodysuits tuck in your body fat and make your muscles look toned.

In short, if you want to look fabulous in your evening gown, you need shapewear. That is why we have created a 5 best women’s shapewear under an evening gown list.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

COMFREE Women's Tummy Control Bodysuit​
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    COMFREE Women's Tummy Control Bodysuit​

    COMFREE - Women's Tummy Control Bodysuit

    • Material:

      Breathable fabric; 90% nylon, 10% Spandex

    • Straps:

      Open bust anti-droop U-shape

    • Hooks:

      Adjustable hooks

    • Compression:

      Double X compression overlapping design

    • 5 sizes (including XXL)
    • Mesh fabric prevents flattening your butt
    • 3-row hook closure near crotch area for easier bathroom access
    • Not suitable for longer torsos

    Floor-length sleeveless evening gown looks better on every occasion. It makes you look ladylike and girly at the same time. But wearing a sleeveless evening gown can be intimidating if you have fatty armpits.

    Comfree body shapewear straps have a unique shape to them that can solve the problem of your bulky armpits.

    Women’s tummy control bodysuit’s shoulder straps are placed wider that helps you tuck the armpit flap. Giving you the freedom to wear a sleeveless evening gown. The other benefit of having a wider shoulder strap is that there is lesser pressure on your shoulder. Hence, you won’t be feeling shoulder strain.

    Did we mention that Comfree is open bust shapewear? The U-shape design also serves two purposes. Firstly, if you are a somewhat big or small chested woman, then finding shapewear that fits your breast right is tricky. Fortunately, with Comfree, you can wear a bra of your choice.

    Secondly, the U-shape design features anti-droop quality. This is the feature every plus size woman should ask for. In simple words, this design pushes the breasts upward and offers a more flattering bust.

    This shapewear has adjustable hooks on the back like most of the bra and bodysuits. But what set Comfree apart from its competition in that it has hooks on the crotch area.

    This might not be a revolutionary technology. But any woman who has ever worn body shapewear knows how awkward it can be to use the bathroom. Well, now you don’t have to take off your clothes and bodysuit before using the toilet.

    Smart Fit Me Women Slimming Full Slip for Under Dresses

    Smart Fit Me Women Slimming Full Slip for Under Dresses

    • Materials:

      81% polyamide, 19% Spandex

    • Washing:

      Machine washable and drier approved

    • Straps:

      Adjustable straps

    • Compression:

      Medium compression

    • Soft fabric that is good for sensitive skin
    • Doesn't lead to overheating
    • Thin material completely unnoticeable under a dress
    • Not super slimming, recommended for light shaping only

    Looking for an economical way to look slim under your evening gown? Most of the shapewear recommendations on this list are already pretty cheap. But if you want an underdress for one time only and don’t want to spend $30-50, then it’s perfectly fine. Because Smart Fit Me is a perfect fit for women on a budget.

    Smart Fit Me is the best choice if you want to wear a tight fitted, body-hugging evening gown. This body slimming suit hugs you at the right places and enhances your overall silhouette.

    Smart Fit Me shapewear is comfortable to wear because of its full slip design. The fabric that Smart Fit Me uses is breathable, lightweight, and thin. This means no matter what you wear, the bodysuit will be completely invisible. This shapewear also offers a “no roll up and no bulking” experience.

    The Smart Fit Me body shapewear offers a medium compression. Which allows you to look stunning without feeling out of breath. The company recommends choosing the slimming body shapewear in your actual size instead of going a size down.

    One of our personal favorite features about this particular bodysuit is its straps. Both of the straps are transparent. Which is always a good thing when your neckline is wide as transparent straps are less noticeable. These straps are also adjustable, which offers a better fit.

    The shape of this bodysuit is flattering on its own. The neckline isn’t so deep and neither very conservative. This is why this can be a perfect suit to wear under see-through dresses.

    SPANX Women's Oncore Open Bust Mid Thigh Compression Bodysuit

    SPANX Women's Oncore Open Bust Mid Thigh Compression Bodysuit

    • Materials:

      80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

    • Design:

      Open-bust mid-thigh design

    • Washing :

      Machine washable

    • shape:

      Anti-droop U shape

    • 3 large size options
    • Doesn't flatten the butt
    • Wear your own bra
    • Some people reported the gusset/crotch opening isn't comfortable

    All of my plus size sisters; this is the product for you. Finding a bodysuit is tiring on its own, but when you are plus size, the process can get more complicated. But we think Spanx might be able to help you. Because curvy ladies deserve all of the love and an equal number of products.

    Unlike other shapewear that gives one large size and says help yourself out, Spanx is offering three large sizes for curvy women like you.

    This bodysuit is made with nylon and spandex, which makes the garment elastic. This makes the shapewear easy to put on comfortable to move around. The shape is body-hugging, so you will see zero to no roll-ups.

    Spanx features high compression; hence, it offers a full transformation. Its U shape bust design will prevent your breasts from sagging. Then its super comfortable yet powerful compression tucks in all of the belly fat and tightens up the back muscles. This is a mid-thigh shapewear, so you don’t have to worry about your thighs at all.

    The problem with high compression body shapewear is that sometimes they give the butt a flattened look. But as Spanx uses a different material in the buttock region so you can enjoy every inch of your curve.

    Black Fuchsia by Secret Lace Women Full Slip Slimming Under Dress

    Black Fuchsia by Secret Lace Women Full Slip Slimming Under Dress

    • Materials:

      76% polyamide, 24% Spandex

    • Straps:

      Adjustable straps

    • Neckline:

      Sexy v-neckline

    • Cups:

      Mesh breast cups

    • Medium compression make shapewear comfortable
    • Easy to put on
    • Comes in 5 sizes (1X and 3X plus included)
    • Customer have reported the mesh cups are prone to tear off

    Are you looking for shapewear underdress that look cute under your sheer evening gown? But you hate those basic looking dresses with no character and personality? Black Fuchsia might have the perfect deal for you.

    Most of the shapewear underdresses are usually simple and have a round neckline. But this style doesn’t suit everyone.

    This women’s full slip slimming shapewear from Black Fuchsia is one of a kind. The product works like shapewear and smoothens lines and bumps. But at the same time, it has a sexy mini dress look. With the deep V-neckline and invisible fitting, this shapewear will enhance your natural figure.

    Instead of using nylon, Black Fuchsia uses polyamide. This fabric material makes the shapewear more comfortable and easier to wear. But this also means that the Black fuchsia shapewear has a medium compression and better for figure enhancement rather than transformation.

    The chest area has mesh cups. These slightly transparent cups offer better airflow and prevent overheating. As mesh has an elastic feature to it, you can wear your favorite bra underneath comfortably. This underdress has adjustable straps for better fitting.

    Lastly, you don’t have to worry about your butt look flat. The butt area has a thinner fabric that gives enough compression to accentuate the butt without putting too much pressure.

    Maidenform Flexees Womens Shapewear

    Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear

    • Materials:

      78% Nylon, 22% Elastane

    • Straps:

      Adjustable straps

    • Neckline:

      Semi-open bust v-neckline

    • Design:

      Mid-thigh design

    Do you like wearing your own bra under the shapewear? But at the same time, you hate the U-shape neckline for some reason? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then congratulations ladies, Maidenform has the shapewear for you.

    The other main feature of this shapewear from Maidenform is its mid-thigh design. Now, you can get the illusion of fit thigs and hips by without using leggings separately.

    This shapewear has a high percentage of nylon in its composition. This means that Maidenform Flexees women shapewear has high compression quality. But because of its mid-thigh design, the shapewear does not roll-up.

    Furthermore, this shapewear is made with soft fabric. Which gives optimum comfort to the user. And it also ensures that you can move freely and openly while wearing the bodysuit.

    The whole shapewear tuck in the fat, but in addition to that, the belly section has extra compression for the targeted effect. So, if you are worried about belly fat, don’t be.

    Unfortunately, this shapewear has a small hole as a crotch opening, so you’ll need to be skilled to use that effectively. So, if you are someone who uses the bathroom often, this bodysuit, in particular, might not be for you. If you only want to wear shapewear for a few hours then check it out, we hope that Maidenform updates this with a larger crotch opening in the future

    Buying Guide: Best Shapewear to Wear under Evening Gown

    There are tons of body shapewear in the market that promises to make you look like a Kardashian/Jenner. This sheer abundance of shapewear can be overwhelming. And the stakes are high because wearing the wrong shapewear can lead to it bunching up and ruining the look as the night goes on.

    But you don’t have to worry, just follow these tips to get the perfect shapewear for your body.

    Overall Design

    Body shapewear comes in a few different types. Slip shapewear is the basic. If you love to wear your own bra, then get open bust shapewear. Curvy ladies love full-body shapewear as it can help to give a complete smoothing transformation.

    Compression Level

    Medium compression smooths the line and hides smaller bumps. For covering bigger bellies and extra fat, high compression shapewear is better.


    One mistake many women often make while shopping for shapewear is choosing the wrong size. Write this down if you want to, “A smaller size won’t give you better compression.” The compression depends on the percentage of nylon in the construction material.

    So, what should you do? Just stick with your actual size for a comfortable experience and fit figure. Wherever possible you should also look at reviews by other women, if they’re consistently saying a brand you’re not familiar with runs big then you’ll be able to adjust appropriately.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. This shapewear is used only to compress the extra fat. These garments make the body look slimmer and tucks in excess fat, but the result is temporary.

    You can wear shapewear to the gym, you can even look at sauna suits which tend to be made of neoprene, with the idea of making you sweat more. If you’re going to the gym wearing shapewear make sure that the shapewear you’re wearing doesn’t get in the way of your breathing. Having a good workout will do a lot more for your figure than wearing shapewear for an hour or two.

    Well, technically you can, but there is no benefit of wearing body shapewear to bed. So, just take it off when you are home to enjoy better sleep.

    Wrapping up

    These were our recommendations for the best shapewear under an evening gown. Technically, you can wear any of the garments mentioned above under any different style of clothing as well.

    Let’s summarize this shapewear under evening gown review and make it easier for you to choose.

    If you want something that supports your breast, then get the COMFREE – Women’s Tummy Control Bodysuit.

    Spanx is an excellent product for curvy and plus size women as it offers 3 L size variants.

    Finally, if you are under a budget but will want something that matches high-end product quality, then checkout Smart Fit Me.

    Have we missed your favorite shapewear for under an evening gown? If so, then let us know through our contact us page and we’ll have a look at them.

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