Best Shapewear for Muffin Top

Muffin top and fat rolls are not something to be ashamed of, it is just a normal part of life. However, unfortunately, most dresses don’t look as good on the body if you have love handles.

While there are many fads about how to quickly lose the only sure-fire way is through burning more calories than you consume. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way and the situation gets complicated when you have an event to attend next weekend. 

Shapewear is the fastest way to hide the muffin top. One second there are fat rolls, and the very next second, they are gone. And all you are left with is a smooth and beautiful figure.

Also, if you find losing weight difficult and just want a quick solution, then shapewear can help you too. Many women like wearing shapewear under their office clothes.

This is why we have created this list of 5 best shapewear for muffin top. Whether you are skinny or curvy, there is a product for you in our list.

MAIDENFORM Flexees Minimizing Boyshort
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    Honeylove SuperPower Short

    1. HONEYLOVE SuperPower Short

    • Compression:

      Targeted compression panels

    • Material:

      85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

    • Available in 8 sizes (XS to 3XL)
    • Mesh fabric prevents overheating
    • Doesn't move or restrict movement
    • The seams are visible

    Women who are already using shapewear probably would have heard about Honeylove. This brand is the producer of some of the best shapewear in the market. And their Superpower line works best for love handles.

    For SuperPower shorts, Honeylove took a different approach than most of the other brands. Where most of the shapewear tightens every single inch of your body, Honeylove offers targeted support. This makes the compression more effective and comfortable.

    The targeted compression panels are in the abdominal area, back, butt, and thigh. These panels are made with nylon and spandex that offers firm support.

    For the base of the shapewear, Honeylove uses mesh fabric. This lightweight and see-through material not only prevents overheating. But it also makes the shapewear, and you look sexy.

    Mesh material is suitable for the shapewear itself, but a mesh crotches usually end up itching. This is why Honeylove uses 100% cotton for the crotch area for additional comfort.

    Lastly, as Honeylove is a well-known brand, they try to be as much inclusive as they can. These Honeylove SuperPower shorts have a good range of sizes, including XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

    Spanx Higher Power Panties

    SPANX Tummy Control Higher Power Panties

    • Materials:

      Nylon and Spandex

    • Closure:

      Pull on design

    • Seams:

      Centre-seam free design

    • Support:

      Waistband support

    • 360-degree firm compression
    • No panty lines
    • Stays in place and doesn't roll down
    • May not be suitable for women with shorter torsos

    This high power shapewear from SPANX is the best basic shapewear for love handles. Its design is universal and looks flattering on several different body types. If you have never used shapewear before but want to wet your feet, get your hands on SPANX.

    This company uses a secret blend of nylon and spandex in all of its shapewear. The fabric, in general, is breathable and provides extra comfort.

    Where most of the brands offer a center-seam free design, SPANX went above and beyond. The best thing about SPANX tummy control panties is that it provides a 100% seamless design. This unique structure ensures your figure looks smooth from every angle.

    The other benefit of having seamless shapewear is that you get equal compression from all directions. So, not only your love handles but back and tummy also get the same amount of compression.

    The problem many high waist shapewear faces is the constant rolling down. There are many reasons why this happens. But one thing we are sure of is that this SPANX higher power panty will never roll down. You may wonder why?

    Well, this design, in particular, features an elastic waistband. The idea isn’t new or revolutionary, but it does the job. No matter what you are doing or how many times you move, the shapewear will stay in place.

    MAIDENFORM Flexees Minimizing Boyshort

    MAIDENFORM Flexees Minimizing Boyshort

    • Materials:

      70% Nylon, 30% Elastane

    • Lining:

      100% cotton lining

    • Shaping:

      Targeted firm control

    • Closure:

      Pull on design

    • Available in sizes up to 4XL
    • Moisture-wicking fabric
    • Dries quickly
    • Side seams can be seen through tight clothes

    If you are looking for a “wardrobe essential” shapewear with a simple design, then this is it. Maidenform is a well-known shapewear brand. And this Flexees Minimizing Boyshort is one of their best undergarments to hide muffin top.

    These high waist shapewear shorts are made with 70% Nylon and 30% Elastane. Due to the combination of two highly elastic fabrics, this shapewear provides firm compression. The targeted area is the tummy but in addition to that, these Flexees minimizing shapewear smoothens the overall figure.

    Flexees’ shapewear Boyshort isn’t entirely seamless like the SPANX one. But the seams are only on the sides. And this design lacks a center seam.

    This material is soft, breathable, and wicks away moisture. Furthermore, all of the linings are 100% cotton for extra comfort. The shapewear dries quickly, which means there is no need to use a machine drier.

    Most of the other shapewear in this list comes in 2 colors, nude and black. Meanwhile, Maidenform Flexees offers 3 colors to suit a broader range of women.

    Lastly, if you are a plus-size woman who can’t find shapewear in her size, don’t worry. Flexees has got you covered. This brand offers 7 different shapewear sizes, including L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.

    NEBILITY Trainer Panty

    NEBILITY Trainer Panty

    • Design:

      Breathable fabric and lace design

    • Support:

      Steel bone support

    • Compression:

      Adjustable compression, giving 360 degree firm control

    • Provides back support
    • Butt lifting
    • Good for body posture
    • Not suitable for thicker thighs

    If you are a curvy lady, then this shapewear from Nebility will be your best friend. Not only this shapewear hugs the natural curves of your body, but it enhances your figure. On top of that, Nebility trainer panty is the sexiest option in this list.

    The structure of this shapewear is similar to that of a vintage corset. Because unlike most of the undergarments for muffin tops, Nebility uses steel bone as a support structure. This rigid metal framing keeps the shapewear in place and efficiently hides the love handles.

    Women with bigger buttocks will know how a curvy body is both a blessing and a curse. As you age, the butt starts sagging and loses its natural perk. Fortunately, the Nebility trainer panty is the right solution to the saggy butt. It gives the user a non-surgical natural butt lift.

    This shapewear offer firm supports from every angle, but this doesn’t mean it is uncomfortable. On the contrary, Nebility trainer panty supports the back, reduces pain, and enhances body posture.

    It is made with breathable fabric that prevents overheating and sweating. Meanwhile, the lace material makes this piece look high-end.

    Lastly, the best feature about Nebility shapewear is the multiple rows of hooks on the front. This shapewear panty has a pull on closure. But these hooks just make the item more customizable and offer additional compression. For example, if you feel bloated one morning, just extra tighten the shapewear for better compression.

    Maidenform Flexees Hi Waist Brief

    Maidenform Flexees Hi-Waist Brief

    • Materials:

      70% Nylon, 30% Elastane, 100% cotton crotch

    • Support:

      Silicon elastic waistband

    • Lining:

      Two-ply mesh liner

    • Design:

      Centre-seam free design

    • Stays in place
    • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
    • The most affordable shapewear for muffin top
    • The size chart is inaccurate

    Buying shapewear to hide your muffin tops is all fun and games until you realize you don’t have enough budget. For all the women or college students who can’t afford to buy expensive shapewear or don't want to spend as much as you would for the Honeylove SuperPower Shorts, Flexees can help you. This Maidenform brief is one of the most affordable shapewear you can find online.

    The look and style of Maidenform brief are simple, which makes it multipurpose. You can wear it under a long dress or office clothes without drawing too much attention. This versatility makes this shapewear brief a wardrobe essential.

    Flexees uses mostly nylon and a small percentage of elastane for this particular item. Both of these highly elastic fabric make Maidenform brief a highly compressing shapewear. Simply pull it on, and all of your love handles and back roll will be gone.

    The crotch area, however, is made with 100% cotton. This material choice makes the shapewear more comfortable. Furthermore, as cotton is breathable, professionals claim it to be the best fabric for undergarments.

    This shapewear is tight enough and doesn’t roll down. But for extra security, Maidenform brief features a silicon elastic waistband. This simple band prevents the shapewear from rolling down and bulging. Hence, no matter how much you move, your shapewear will stay in place.

    Lastly, the design of this shapewear is simple but effective. The lack of center seam means you can wear form-fitted dresses without worrying about your undergarment showing.

    Buying Guide: Best Shapewear for Muffin Top

    If you’ve ever bought anything online, you’d known that purchasing the first item that crosses your way is never a good idea. And when the item under discussion is an undergarment, the stakes get even higher.

    This is precisely why we created this buying guide to help you choose the best shapewear for muffin top. Consider the following three main features before adding any shapewear in your cart.


    Size is one of the primary features that everyone pays attention to when buying undergarments. Or do they? Statistically speaking, the vast majority of women wear the wrong size of undergarments. Another misconception regarding shapewear is that “for minimizing effect getting a smaller size is the key.”

    In actuality, shapewear for muffin tops or any shapewear, in general, works the best when bought in your regular size. So, don’t size down unless you want to suffocate yourself.


    The one thing similar in all of the shapewear for muffin tops is that they are all high-waist. But the bottom is available in shorts or panty style. Both of these styles are equally efficient. However, shorts are well-suited for women with thicker thighs.

    Another stylistic difference is the type of closure the shapewear has. Pull-on closure is the most common for this type of undergarment. But if you prefer hook and eye closure, then there are options available for that as well.

    Compression Level

    To ensure the shapewear you like is actually perfect for your need, check the compression level. For example, if you want to hide small love handles, then medium compression will work great for you. Meanwhile, for women who are looking for extreme transformation, high compression shapewear are best.

    So, how to know the compression level of shapewear? It is simple—most of the time, the compression level is mentioned in the product description.

    But if it isn’t, simply check the material of the shapewear. 70% or more nylon means the shapewear has firm compression. Between 60-70% offer medium compression.

    Wrapping up

    Hiding muffin tops using shapewear won’t make them disappear forever. But they sure make the dresses look better on your body.

    With that said, if you still haven’t been able to choose which shapewear to get, then let us help.

    HoneyLove Superpower Shorts is the best shapewear for targeted compression. If you hate how some shapewear squeezes all of your body, then check SuperPower shorts.

    Flexees Maidenform Brief is the best option for women on a tight budget. This shapewear is exceptionally affordable. And even though the price is low, the quality is outstanding.

    Nebility Trainer Panty, without any doubt, is the sexiest shapewear in this list. In addition to that, this shapewear is best for curvy bodies.

    These were our 5 best shapewear for muffin top recommendations. Hope you enjoyed it.

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