The Best Shapewear for Petite Women 2021

While shapewear is primarily thought of for women with a bit extra on them. While this is mostly true it doesn’t mean that petite women don’t need or will benefit from shapewear, which is why we have compiled a list of the best shapewear for petite women. 

The best shapewear for petites still needs to fulfil the same function as any other shapewear, it needs to be able to help create a nice smooth line, minimizing the look of any extra we have going on. 

Being a small framed woman, a little bit extra around the tummy will show up a lot more than the same amount would on a more averaged framed woman. This is why shapewear can still be beneficial for petite women. There is also the added benefit that shapewear can help to enhance the look of other areas of our bodies. Do your girls need a little lift or something to extenuate your bum more? Then shapewear can help out.

When you’re looking for the perfect shapewear for petite women you need to ensure you’re looking for thin and light materials. Anything that adds extra bulk is going to be more noticeable when you’re petite.

You ever wear your skinny jeans, pencil skirt, high waist jeans, or any other petite clothing with tops and all of a sudden bumps, lumps and bulges appear? It can be embarrassing and unattractive. Shapewear is designed to help with this and smooth out all those bulges.

We have highlighted some of the main features of these undergarments for petite women below.


Everbellus Firm Tummy Control Shapewear
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    Best Shapewear for Petite Women

    If you’ve read many of our other articles you’ll probably know that we love Honeylove! They seem to really care about making their products the best they can and their Honeylove Superpower Shorts are no exception.

    If you’re looking for shapewear, or as they like to call it “Sculptwear”, that will smooth out your tummy and thighs then this is probably the shapewear that you’re looking for.


    • Stretchable and compressed.
    • High boost band that makes you look slimmer.
    • It’s seamless.
    • Made of light material (nylon and spandex)
    • It comes in a few colors to give you a choice depending on what you’re looking to wear it with (Runway, sand, mocha, vamp)
    • It’s available in small and extra small sizes.


    • It does not roll down
    • Its material allows it to get worn during high temperatures (summer seasons)
    • It’s easy to wash.
    • It can get worn on any occasion.
    • It maintains a good back posture due to its firm boost bands.
    • It provides smoothness.
    • It lifts your glutes and outlines your mini waist.


    • They have a price to go with the quality. We feel that they are reasonably priced for what you’re getting but the price can definitely be a turn off if you’re not looking to spend much on shapewear.
    • As with most shapewear it can take some time to get used to putting it on and off.

    Nevertheless, it’s the best slim fitting shapewear for slender women I have come across in the market.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about Honeylove then you can have a look at our in depth Honeylove Sculptwear review.

    Tank tops are one of the best types of shapewear for petite women. They allow you to shape your tummy while wearing something that doesn’t look out of the ordinary and this Unilane petite tank top is a great example of that.

    It comes out as a classy strapless slim shapewear. It serves as an undergarment by providing smoothness when worn with other petite clothing. You’ll get over those slight insecurities of bumps everywhere.

    Its color variation allows you to wear them with your skinny shorts and jeans, and any other fancy outfit.


    • It’s seamless.
    • Available in small size.
    • Its material is nylon and spandex.
    • It has a compression panel for maximum back and chest support. 


    • Supports the back and enhances posture (Aided by the spandex material and bands)
    • It defines the chest curve ( lifts your bust making it look attractive)
    • It ensures no bumps, bulges, or lumps.
    • It’s not too tight. It doesn’t interfere with breathing.
    • It does not roll up when carrying out activities.


    • Delicate care required while washing it. Do not bleach, iron, or clean in hot water.

    Using a tank top in summer can be a great choice to keep cool but it will also work well as a layer when it’s colder out. If you’re petite, looking for a tank top and the Unilane doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for then you might want to look at our recommendations for the top tank tops with built-in bra support.

    Are you looking to achieve that petite, classy look when you wear your dresses?  Then you should try this slim-fitting shapewear bodysuit.

    It gets rid of lumps, bulges, and bumps that appear when you wear dresses. You will be astonished by how well it will define your figure.  It forms a C curve at the back and shows your chest curve. It is super feminine. his would work really well with slim fit jeans.


    • It has a hook and eye closure to allow easy access for going to the bathroom
    • It’s stretchable and durable.
    • It defines the waistline and hip curves.
    • Highly elastic and seamless.
    • Its made of light-weighted material (nylon and spandex).
    • It’s available in small sizes and a variety of colors.


    • Easy to adjust and put it in place.
    • It’s a one-piece cloth; thus can be worn with anything.
    • It provides an attractive small body curve.
    • Its crotched nature makes it easy for the bathroom.


    • It just flattens all over, including your breasts which can make them look smaller, and doesn’t provide them with any support.
    • Delicate care and procedures while washing it. You should not bleach or iron.

    This shapewear for the hips, thighs, and waist gets rid of all the insecurities you have to deal with daily.

    The Everbellus is another great tank top for petite women. This one focuses on providing a more firm control around the tummy.

    This shapewear is suitably long to ensure you’re able to get it to be safely tucked into your jeans/skirt and stay in place. It is body-friendly, attractive, and stylish. You won’t have to worry about it being too tight or not matching with your outfits.


    • Double layered material.
    • It comes with a lightweight fabric.
    • It has a compression panel.
    • Long in length and stretchable.
    • Available in small size.


    • It does not roll up or hang.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps depending on your bust size.
    • It outlines the chest curve and the upper body.
    • It provides extra support for the back.
    • It does not interfere with breathing patterns.
    • It’s easy to put it in place.


    • The straps come in at a bit of an awkward position depending on what you’re planning on wearing with it.

    A lot of people buying this have found that buying a size up means that this is too loose, which doesn’t help when you’re getting shapewear. Make sure you check the size properly before buying to avoid getting the wrong size.

    Another great bodysuit to give you compression and guarantee that it won’t ride up during the day. This is designed to provide extra compression to your tummy while not squashing your girls too much. That being said it doesn’t provide any support for your boobs and will still squish them down a bit.


    • Seamless and round-necked.
    • It has a hook and eye closure.
    • Quality and light weighted fabric.
    • Highly compressed.
    • It’s a one-piece cloth.


    • It lifts your butt and defines your small waistline.
    • It can get worn with any outfits.
    • Adjustable for bathroom. You don’t have to struggle pulling it up.
    • It shows your chest curve and supports the back.
    • Comfortable to wear and put it in place.


    • Delicate care when washing it. Mishandling it reduces the lifespan.

    You can wear this trendy and stylish slim waist fitting shapewear with your favorite skater dress, mini dress, or high slim waist jeans. 

    Another tank top for the list, the Shaperin Tummy Control Tank Top provides a great level of compression is made from a breathable material to help keep you cool while you wear this.

    The Shaperin tank top has a cup design to provide support but doesn’t include any padding. This means you will be able to wear this without a bra but you can also wear this over your favorite bra if you want.


    • Compression camisole top.
    • It does not roll-up.
    • Double layered.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps depending on your bust size.
    • It’s stretchable.


    • It supports the back and upper body.
    • It defines the waist and prevents bulges and bumps.
    • It shows the chest curve.
    • It can get worn on different occasions ( parties, club, gym, workplace)
    • Ventilating and breathable. It’s suitable for high temperatures.


    • The sizing is a little small

    While we feel a little bad putting two Honeylove products on this list, we felt it appropriate as these are great products and definitely something that everyone should consider including in their wardrobe.

    The Honeylove LiftWear Tank uses a lovely soft material for their tank top. 

    This shapewear provides a great level of compression without being restrictive. It is also designed to be worn without a bra, avoiding any additional lines from that, while still giving your girls plenty of support and shape.

    • Wireless support for your girls, avoiding the need to wear a bra as well as the tank top. 
    • Has compression around the waist to keep your tummy under control
    • Comes in a good length so you can have it tucked into your jeans to ensure nice clean lines.
    • A nice compromise on compression, plenty to smooth out bulges while not feeling overly constrictive.
    • Has nice wide shoulder straps for your comfort
    • Honeylove provide a great sizing tool to help ensure you get the right size.
    • The Honeylove LiftWear Tank is more expensive than most tank tops you’ll find in shops but we do feel if you can afford them that 

    If you’re interested in finding out more then we have done a full Honeylove LiftWear Tank review, which is worth a read.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Shapewear isn't designed to be worn while you sleep. It is designed to be worn at times where you're looking for a bit of shaping, which is not something that most people are worried about when they're asleep.

    This very much depends on the type of shapewear you're wearing. 

    If your shapewear is designed to provide appropriate support for your girls then you may not need to wear a bra with it.

    Underwear wise it will depend on what you feel comfortable with. If you're wearing a body suit then you could get away without but you may still decide you would like to.

    Over time all shapewear will become more loose. How quickly will depend on the quality of the materials used and how much it has to compress your body.

    Another thing that can reduce the life of your shapewear is not following the washing instructions. Most shapewear is only suitable for hand washing in cold/luke-warm water. Washing in a washing machine with warm water can reduce the elasticity of some common materials used in shapewear.

    Shapewear isn't designed to compress you so much that it would restrict your breathing or cause issues with digestion. Shapewear is designed to help to smooth out bulges.

    Waist training is more likely to cause these sorts of problems but even with waist training, if you're having difficulties breathing then you should stop immediately.

    Wrapping up

    Being a petite woman comes with plenty of small problems (pun intended) but having a flawless figure doesn’t need to be one of them.

    Hopefully this article has helped you to find the best shapewear for you. If you’re petite and we haven’t included your favorite shapewear in our list then get in contact through our contact us page and let us know.

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