Best Shapewear for Tummy after Pregnancy 2020

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a new life in the world. But sometimes, after the delivery, new moms feel unappealing because of their new “mom bod”.

The postpartum body is natural and beautiful. But anyone who has been there can agree that this experience made them lose their confidence.

And even when it is not about looking fabulous, the pelvic pain is excruciating. Every inch of your body aches with a slight movement. It also feels uncomfortable while nursing the baby.

And no matter what your problem is as a new mother, there is a product that can lessen your suffering.

Many women love using shapewear after pregnancy. These belts and corsets give their body support which helps with backache and muscle pain.

The postpartum belt also shrinks the size of the uterus and allows hips to go back to their regular spot.

These belts also tuck in the extra fat and help women with losing weight. That’s something anyone can use for weight loss assistance.

With that being said, here are the six best shapewear for tummy after pregnancy and their reviews.

Lifecolor 3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Wrap
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    Best Postpartum Tummy Shapewear Product Reviews

    Are you worried about your C-section is resulting in stretch marks? Well, Moolida shapewear is a great way to speed up the C-section recovery. This belly wrap prevents organs from shagging and minimizes stretch marks.

    Other than that, the Moolida belt’s unique design helps the new mothers with back pain.

    One of the main issues with belly belts is that they feel uncomfortable on the skin. And if you have skin sensitivity, then cheap tummy shapewear can cause rashes.

    But Moolida makes its postpartum shapewear with medical-grade 100% cotton. This skin-friendly material is lightweight and soft. There’s also a slight elasticity of the fabric that makes it easier for you to nurse the baby.

    This belly belt features double Velcro for better adjustment and support. Although, most of the time, having multiple Velcro can make the tummy shapewear bulky. But this shapewear has the perfect amount of mesh. This means that if you wear it under the dress, the belt stays hidden and gives a lean look. The slim structure also offers a better sleep as it prevents bulking up of belts during sleep or other activities.

    Key Features

    • Medical grade 100% cotton
    • Double adjustable Velcro
    • Back curve design


    • Doesn’t feel bulky under clothes
    • Flexible and elastic fabric makes nursing easier
    • No roll-up or deformation after usage


    Not suitable for women shorter than 5 feet

    Not only the company name but the design of this shapewear is also ingenious. TiRain uses the fishbone design to create its belly wraps. This design offers support to the pelvic region and back. And as a result, it reduces the back pain and keeps the hips in shape.

    The fishbone design also helps the belt to stay in the same shape. This means that even after several washes, the TiRain belt set will remain the same.

    Due to the fishbone design, the belt doesn’t bulk up or make rolls which allows you to wear it while sleeping or even under different silhouettes.

    This 3 in 1 postpartum shapewear contains three separate belts to target the stomach, hips, and pelvic area. All three of these belts are made with breathable and lightweight fabric to prevent overheating.

    This product was also tested for air permeability. In simple words, even if you get sweaty, the belts will stay dry. On top of that, the customers have said that the fabric is soft and doesn’t cause rashes.

    The fabric is also elastic, and thanks to its stretchable nature, the belts are a comfortable fit for most women. Furthermore, the shapewear features Velcro for adjustment.

    Key Features

    • Highly elastic and breathable fabric
    • Fishbone structure
    • Adjustable Velcro design


    • Soothes pelvic pain
    • Keeps hips in shape and support back
    • Doesn’t bulk up


    The belts don’t fit women above 240 lbs

    The LifeColor shapewear is similar to the TiRain postpartum belly belt. The only difference is that instead of using fishbone design for better structure, LifeColor uses memory glue bone. Other than that, it offers the same benefit as the fishbone design.

    The belts support the back and keep hips in place. It also helps new mothers in lessening the pelvic pain. In addition to that, the shapewear tucks in the tummy fat and speeds up the healing process.

    This belt set comes in only one size. But as LifeColor uses flexible and stretchy fabric, it makes the “one for all” option possible. So whether you are petite or plus size, you can use this belt. In addition to the elastic fabric, this postpartum shapewear offers double Velcro for better adjustability.

    Most of the time, when the fabric is stretchy, it can roll up and look weird under the dress. But the LifeColor 3-in-1 postpartum belt stays in place.

    On top of that, you can wash LifeColor belly girdle support in the washing machine, and the belt will neither shrink nor lose its shape. However, please don’t use the dryer as it can harm the product.

    Key Features

    • Memory glue bone
    • Flexible, stretchy, and breathable fabric
    • Double Velcro support


    • Belt retains its structure
    • Allows machine washing
    • Supports back and core muscles


    • Customers reported that the metal hooks have a sharp end and peek through fabric

    People who want to get the most versatile options, this one is for you. This product from Kebabies has a 4.5-star rating and is an Amazon’s Choice product.

    The main reason for Keababies’ 3-in-1 postpartum shapewear’s popularity might be the variety. Most of the similar products come in black and nude color variants; meanwhile, this one has four different options. Furthermore, the company offers an XL option to help mothers of all sizes.

    The name of this product might be Tummy Bandit, but it supports not only the abdominal area but also the hips and pelvic area. All of the three belts are made with breathable material. The fabric is also lightweight and doesn’t shift so you can wear them in the daytime under clothes or at night.

    The belts are stretchy and usually fit everyone. But for an even better fit, the belts have felt Velcro. Unlike the standard Velcro, felt Velcro is softer and doesn’t irritate the skin on touch, but overall it does the same job.

    You can start wearing Keababies after 3 hours of your natural delivery. But if it was a C-section, then the company recommends consulting your doctor first.

    Key Features

    • Breathable material
    • Stretchy and elastic fabric
    • Felt Velcro


    • Corrects posture and aids breastfeed
    • Easy to put on and adjust
    • Prevents shagging


    • Not recommended for C-section surgery recovery

    If you are someone who feels hot while wearing belts, then Tendyline postpartum corset is for you.

    Well, first of all, this product isn’t like the common conception of the traditional corset. Almost 50% of this corset/belt is made with soft mesh. The mesh prevents overheating while heating the core muscles. The corset allows better airflow that results in a better experience.

    Also, Tendyline is a super affordable option for new moms. This product costs as much as a week worth of Starbucks so that anyone can afford it. And on top of that Tendyline corset comes in 5 sizes.

    Just because it is a budget product doesn’t mean the company compromised on the quality. The Tendyline postpartum corset is made with high-quality material. The material is stretchy yet gives the body the right amount of support.

    Just like any other postpartum belt, Tendyline features Velcro for adjustment. But it also has hooks for extra safety.

    This corset holds the hip in place and reduces pelvic pain. Also, be ready for some core muscle contraction as this belt will give you abdominal support.

    This belt works for both C-section and natural delivery. It speeds up the healing process and focuses on gaining the pre-pregnancy body. The corset shrinks down the uterus to its original shape.

    Key Features

    • Flexible, stretchy, breathable material
    • Hooks and Velcro
    • Mesh fabric


    • It prevents overheating
    • Shrinks the uterus size and speed up the healing process
    • Comes in 5 sizes


    Belt can’t be machine washed

    This is another postpartum shapewear that comes with three separate belts. It supports three areas at once; waist, stomach, and hip.

    These belts have a fishbone design that supports the body. And as said above already this design helps the belt itself retain the shape while washing in the machine.

    The belt helps the new mother with pain and also corrects the posture. But this does not mean you wouldn’t be able to move freely. On the contrary, because of the better support women feel easy moving as there is no muscle pain.

    This belt is so comfortable you can wear it even at night while sleeping. The belt does not bulk up so it will be invisible under your day clothes as well.

    BestNewBorn uses soft, flexible material and meshes fabric for the manufacturing of this postpartum tummy belt, which is why you won’t feel overheated even after wearing the belt for hours.

    Although your tummy will get sweaty, the fabric is non-permeable. Or in simple words, the shapewear stays dry all the time.

    Key Features

    • 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex
    • Velcro adjustment
    • Fishbone design


    • No roll-up or bulking or fabric
    • No overheating
    • The shapewear stays dry


    • Customers reported the belt has a funny smell to it

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, these belts are explicitly used for tucking in the extra bulge. The shapewear gives the appearance of a flat stomach and helps with the posture. The belt does help reduce the fat, although it is not enough. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are crucial if you want to reduce the fat you gained during the pregnancy.

    The perfect time is different for each mother, so you should consult your doctor. But usually, you can start wearing the postpartum pregnancy belt after your wounds have somewhat healed.

    Many companies suggest the customer wear the belt for 10 to 12 hours for better results.

    Unless you are showering, you can wear the postpartum belly support whenever you want.

    No. Belly belt is meant to be worn after 1 to 7 days of delivery. Meanwhile, the waist belt should be worn after 1 to 6 weeks. And lastly, the pelvic girdle works best when used after 7 to 12 weeks of delivery.


    These were our six best shapewear for a tummy that you can use after pregnancy. Even though all of these belts are popular, it does not mean all of them are the right fit for you.

    Choose the shapewear that is right for your body and fits your needs. As if the three belt sets are comfortable to wear and are better for locational compression. You can only wear the one that you need.

    But the corsets work on all areas at once. This time of belt might be challenging to wear for curvy women.

    So, if you still are not sure about which postpartum belly belt to get let us help you.

    For new mothers under budget, Tendyline postpartum girdle corset wrap is the best. But if you want shapewear in color different than black and nude then check out Keababies 3-in-1 postpartum girdle. As it comes in 4 different colors.

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