Best Tank Tops with Built-in Bra Support 2021

A tank top with a built-in bra can be worn on many occasions and look good. You can wear them when going hiking or under your clothes for extra warmth in winter. Many women love to wear these tank tops with a built-in bra for stretching and yoga as well, while others prefer them as lounging attire.

Their utility is endless, but if you’re looking for them then you already know that. That’s why you want to buy one, right?

There are hundreds if not thousands of tank tops with built-in bras available in the market. This sheer abundance of products is a curse. It can easily become overwhelming trying to find the right one, resulting in you purchasing any of them just to end the pain.

Well, this is where we come in.

We have created the list of the top 5 tank tops with a built-in bra. No matter what your needs are, we are sure you can find at least one item that fits your requirement. If you’re looking for a similar top but with spaghetti straps then you can find out review of the top camis with built-in bra support.

5 Best Tank Tops with Built-in Bra Support Reviews

Scroll down for an in-depth review of each product.

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    Honeylove Liftware Tank Runway

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    • Material:

      62% Nylon, 38% Spandex

    • Bra:

      Wireless built-in bra

    • Compression:

      X-Shaped body compression

    • Straps:

      Wide shoulder straps to prevent them digging in

    • Offers medium compression
    • Can be worn under other layers
    • Comfortable fabric
    • Hand wash only

    Are you looking for a tank top that not only supports your bust but also enhances your figure? If your answer is yes, then Honeywell is a good option for you.

    This lift-wear tank top has a built-in wire-free bra that supports the chest without feeling uncomfortable. In addition to that, these cups are soft and don’t compress your bust. This can be the ideal product if you hate minimizing shapewear.

    As said earlier, this tank top has shaping capabilities. Honeywell features a unique X-shape compression on the front abdominal area. This construction ensures that most of the bumps are hidden.

    This tank top has a deep U shape neckline. The shoulder straps are wide and set wide apart from each other. As the straps are made with the same compressing material, this tank top stays in place.

    The armholes are of moderate size. If you have underarm fat, then the tank top will take care of it for you.

    Lastly, let’s talk about sizing. Unlike many other brands, Honeywell’s size range is extensive. They offer around 9 sizes, from XS to 3X.

    Although the product is impressive, this tank top offers medium pressure and not full transformation. This means if you are looking solely for shapewear, this might not be it.

    If you’d like to find out more about this then we have done an in-depth Honeylove LiftWear Tank review.

    DYLH Women Comfy Built in Shelf Bra Tanks

    DYLH Women Comfy Built-in Shelf Bra Tanks

    • Material:

      95% Viscose, 5% Spandex

    • Straps:

      Wide shoulder straps

    • Bra:

      Shelf padded bra

    • Offers light body shaping
    • Shoulder straps don't move
    • The tank top stays dry
    • Some women found the cup placement inaccurate

    Are you someone who loves vibrant colored tank tops or clothing in general? Well, in that case, DLYH has a treat for you.

    This brand offers tank tops with bra support in up to 7 different colors. On top of that, if you want a budget offer, you can always choose their 3-pack offer.

    DLYH tank tops feature wireless shelf padded bra that is sewn into place. This bra gives support to your bust area without being too tight or suffocating. As the cups are padded, you will see a little bit of bust enhancement.

    These tank tops from DLYH are made with high-end material. The brand uses good quality elastic material that wicks away any moisture and keeps you feeling fresh. Which makes DLYH a good option for activewear. The fabric of DLYH fabric is also stretchy, which means it will stay in plays when you are running or doing other activities.

    The neck and armhole seam is stitched twice for a cleaner and neater look. These small details can make an affordable tank top look expensive.

    The tank top’s strap is wide and soft. As the straps are made with the same elastic material, they offer medium support.

    Disclaimer: This product is suitable for C cup and below only.

    Luodito Womens shapewear tank top

    Luodito 3-in-1 Shapewear Tank Top with Built-in Bra

    • Bra:

      Removable bra cups

    • Washing:

      Machine Washable

    • Fabric:

      High-density fabric

    • Compression:

      360 degree compression

    • Sweat-wicking tank top stays dry
    • Waist support and tummy control
    • Fits most body types
    • Some found that the cups move

    If you are looking for a tank top with removable bra cups, then this is it. Luodito tank tops have soft padded cups. This bra enhances the bust shape to give you a better figure and make you look fit. But, whenever you desire a regular tank top, you can just remove the cups.

    As the name suggests, this product is a 3-in-1 deal. You will get a tank top with a built-in bra that works as fantastic shapewear.

    The tank top with a built-in bra is made with compressing the material. This fabric attacks 5 different zones in general to give you a flattering figure. Your underarm fat, back bulge, muffin top, love handles, and stomach will be flattened.

    One of the main reasons why this product works so great (as shapewear) is not its fabric but the construction. Luodito made this tank top seamless. This seamless construction ensures that you get a slimming effect from every angle.

    In addition to that, the unique construction of this tank top also prevents the tank top itself from bulging. This means the tank top looks good on its own, but it works well as a layer as well. So, you can get a full closure upper body shapewear in the price of a tank top.

    This product, in particular, has an enhancing bra. Your bust size will remain the same, but a look contoured.


    AnyFitting Basic Tank Top

    • Material:

      95% Viscose, 5% Spandex

    • Straps:

      Wide shoulder straps

    • Bra:

      Wireless built-in bra

    • Machine washable
    • Soft on the skin
    • Supports bust without putting any pressure on them
    • May not provide enough support for those with larger breasts

    Most of the suggestions in this 5 best tank top with built-in bra lists also work as shapewear. Which means they are made of compressing fabric. It is all well and good unless you want a tank top for nightwear. In that case, this item from Anyfitting is the basic tank top with a wireless bra that every woman needs.

    This tank top is designed to be comfortable enough that you can wear it out during the day but you can also wear it at night if you want. The fabric contains a high amount of viscose fabric that is considered the best material for summer. Because of its soft, smooth, and lightweight nature, viscose feels comfortable to wear.

    As viscose is not a naturally stretchy fabric, this can cause the tank top to look ill-fitted. But Anyfitting uses material that has a small quantity of spandex to prevent that. 5% spandex won’t give you shape, but it offers a little bit of stretch to the tank top.

    The built-in bra in this tank top is wireless, which is fitting with the theme of being able to be used as nightwear. The cups are soft and don’t put any pressure on the bust. The bra is slightly contouring, but there is zero minimizing effect. All of these factors together optimize the comfort level.

    These bra pads are sewn and can’t be removed. Just like most of the tank tops, Anyfitting tank top has wide straps that offer better support to your bust.

    Lastly, this tank top comes in more than 3 colors, and you can choose a 3 tank top offer for a better deal. Even though this tank top is marketed as a nightwear item, you can use it as loungewear as well.


    beautyin Women Basic Racerback Tank Top Shelf Bra

    • Material:

      Ultra-soft and stretchy cotton fabric

    • Straps:

      Racerback strap design

    • Bra:

      Built-in shelf bra

    • Cut:

      Modest scoop neck

    • Wicks away sweat
    • Machine washable
    • Comfortable fit
    • Fabric is slightly sheer

    If you are a gym fanatic or like simple yoga, then conventional tank top straps can be quite annoying. These tank top straps stay in place as long as you are chilling and not doing something crazy.

    Although the moment you start exercising and moving your shoulder, the strap slips down your shoulder. But you don’t have to worry anymore as Beautyin has created the perfect tank top with a built-in bra for the workout.

    One of the other reasons that make this tank top best for workout routines is the fabric. This tank top is made with high-quality cotton. This means the tank top is soft and smooth but will get dry quickly. So, if you hate how sweat never dries off your workout wear, then Beautyin is the one for you.

    In this particular tank top, Beautyin features a shelf bra. A shelf bra is not minimizing, but it doesn’t accentuate your bust either. The cups here rest under your chest area to offer support.

    Relatively, the shelf bra gives less support than other bras. But on the positive note, this bra feels more comfortable and doesn’t apply any pressure. And both of these things are crucial when choosing working out clothes. A tight bra makes you breathless and might restrict your ability to move. Meanwhile, a loose shirt will keep slipping and distract you.

    Lastly, the tank top has a scoop neckline. This high neckline is not a good fit for casual wear, but as a workout tank top, it works. In short, you can work out freely without worrying about showing too much skin.

    Buying Guide: Tank Tops with Built-in Bra Support

    When shopping for a tank top with a built-in bra choosing the first product that crosses path with you is never going to work. You will end up wasting your money on something you wouldn’t even use.

    That’s why we have created this short buying guide. It will help you with buying the perfect tank top.

    Consider the following features before adding a tank top with a built-in bra in your cart.


    One might think all of the tank tops with built-in bra are the same. When, in reality, different types of tank tops are used for various purposes.

    This step shouldn’t be difficult because you already know why you want the tank top in the first place.

    The sellers usually add “activewear” or “nightwear” in their listing. So, choose the one that fit your need. This simple step will help you narrow down your options.

    Built-in Bra Type

    There are several different types of bras sewn into tank tops. But mostly, tank tops have wireless or underwired bra. A wireless bra is considered more comfortable. Meanwhile, the underwire bra gives better support for a bigger chest. Both types of bra have their pros and cons. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference.


    If you are into fashion, you must know there are tons of different tank top styles. While none of them are better than the other, a particular type may suit your need more. A racerback tank top is said to be suitable as activewear. Meanwhile, a spaghetti strap tank top will be a perfect choice for your beach date.

    The options are unlimited; just have fun. And figure out what you like the best.


    Layering is fun in winter, but during summer, there is nothing more uncomfortable than having too many layers. Tank tops with built-in bra can help to solve that problem for you. These tank tops with built-in bra are suitable for hiking, exercising, yoga, running, or just lounging. To get the best result, you need to select the one that suits your lifestyle.

    If you still haven’t decided which tank top among all five of the above are for you, then let us help you.

    If you are looking for a tank top that you can wear to bed, then Anyfitting Basic’s nightwear tank top is the perfect choice for you.

    But if you want a tank top with a built-in bra specifically as an active/gym wear, then check out Beautyin Basic’s racerback tank top.

    Lastly, ladies who are looking for body shaping tank top Loudito 3-in-1 tank top will suit them best.

    Let us know if we’ve missed your favorite tank with built-in bra and we’ll have a look at them!

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