Best Waist Trainer For Long Torso

The size of your torso will determine what kind of waist trainer you should get. Here is a list of the Best waist trainer for long torso to help you make the right call when you are in the market for a waist trainer.

Having a long torso has its benefits as well as its challenges. Did you know that your height does not necessarily determine the length of your torso? You could be short with a long torso or tall with a short torso and vice versa. Getting a short waist trainer while you have a long torso is one of the worst ideas out there. The waist trainer won’t be able to cover the most crucial part of the abdominal area leaving some part of your stomach or back fat hanging below the hemline of the trainer. A proper length trainer should be able to cover your upper, mid and lower sections both front and back to give you the weight loss or slimming effects you need during workout.

Best Waist Trainer For Long Torso
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    Things you should consider when choosing waist trainer for long torso

    Getting a waist trainer sounds like an easy job, but there are several things you need to consider before you make the final purchase.


    It will not work as a waist trainer should if it does not feet right. The trainer needs to fit you perfectly from all corners but do not take one that is too tight to breathe. Waist trainers are not supposed to cause any pain or discomfort.


    The first few stages of wearing the waist trainer are normally the hardest. This is mainly because they feel stiff and tight when you put them on. Sometimes, it could be that you got the wrong sized waist trainer. An adjustable one allows you to change the level of compression on your waist and back for comfort during workout. Both Velcro and hook and eye closures give you room to tighten and loosen the trainer to your comfort levels.

    The Material

    Waist trainers come in various materials as they do sizes and lengths. Latex is ideal, breathable and comfortable but not on everyone’s skin. If you have a latex allergy, you could opt for cotton or spandex and other blends as long as they are able to handle the kind of activity you engage in. Latex is breathable and long-lasting, spandex/neoprene is inexpensive and cotton is quite comfortable.


    The material should be able to withstand any wear and tears despite its use. Get a blend that is made of high-quality material that absorbs sweat leaving you clean and dry during exercise, and is easy to clean.

    A table comparison of the best waist trainers for long torso

    Waist trainer
    Height in inches
    Check on Amazon
    Body shaper
    Corset trainer
    Weight loss shaper
    Body shape wear
    Tummy fat trimmer

    Individual reviews of the best wais trainers for plus size women

    Out Top Picks for Best Waist Trainer for Long Torsos

    YIANNA Womens Latex Sports Waist Trainer Long Torso

    YIANNA under burst latex sport waist trainer

    Best shaper for women with a long torso

    • Material:

      Inner layer: 96% cotton, 4% Spandex. Mid layer: 100% Latex. Outer layer: Nylon + Lycra, Spandex

    • Closure:

      Hook and eye closure

    • Boning:

      Includes 9 spiral steel bones

    • Is made from a high-quality latex rubber and cotton
    • Absorbs sweat, leaving you dry and fresh
    • The high compression helps to reduce the waistline fast
    • Hand wash only

    This waist trainer is specifically designed for women with a long torso. The front closure length is 35 cm long and the back length is 28 and ½ com long. The YIANNA is made with 2 layers of latex which is a high-quality waist trainer fabric. The high compression latex gives you a high resistance and a slim curve and sheds off inches of your waist immediately. The inner layer of the YIANNA is constructed with cotton (91%) and spandex (9%).

    It increases your body heat, removing excess water weight while trimming fat at the same time. the interior is made with a special non-slip grid surface to hold it in place during a workout. It is constructed with 7 spiral steel boning at the underbust of the waist trainers. Both ends of the trainer are fixed with an extra latex pad to make it more comfortable. It is built to handle high-intensity interval training. The structure allows it to protect your back and waist from any form of injury during training.

    The closure of the YIANNI is a 3 layer hook and eye adjustable closure. You can make changes to the waist trainer to suit your waistline or the intensive exercise. The slim waist design makes it suitable for everyday wear. It lies smoothly under your clothes to give an hourglass illusion and figure. The YIANNI waist trainer is perfect for the gym as well as everyday wear.


    The YIANNA waist trainer is a great body shaping tool for people with a long torso. The lining is reinforced with a grip to keep it in place during a workout.

    Lover beauty women’s latex corset waist trainer

    Lover beauty women’s latex corset waist trainer

    Best affordable waist trainer for long torso

    • Material:

      96% Cotton + 4% Spandex. 100% Latex layer for additional support

    • Closure:

      3 rows of hook and eye closures

    • Perfect fit for long torso
    • Can be worn under tight clothes
    • Smooths your tummy, side fat and back
    • Uses steel boning
    • Effective results in a short amount of time
    • Initially has a rubbery smell

    The Lover beauty waist trainer is an affordable waist trainer that comes in large sizes and works perfectly to meet your needs. It is designed to fit you well, even under clothing. It has a really tight fit around the back and love handles to live you looking smooth and give off a slimming effect.

    It is made out of a 96 % cotton + 4% spandex and 100% latex mix. While it has a very tight fit, the material of the Lover beauty waist trainer feels soft and breathable.

    On the inside, the Lover beauty waist trainer is constructed with 9 pieces of spiral steel boning. The boning makes the trainer stiffer, which is not so comfortable to wear at first but gives you great results after you get used to it. It is still flexible, durable, and feels as light and soft as plastic boning. It can bend easily to fit more comfortably.

    The 3 hook and eye closures on the waist trainer give you room for adjustment and high compression when you want to change things up. The adjustment allowance gives you room for a better fit.


    The Lover beauty waist trainer is the perfect addition to your workout and lifestyle if you have a long torso and are looking to shed off some of the abdominal waist. The adjustable closures and material allow for compression to make the results more effective. It has steel boning like traditional corsets which were known to be effective but the only difference is that the boning is flexible therefore more comfortable.

    DILANNI Waist Trainer Corset

    DILANNI Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Corset

    Best multipurpose waist trainer

    • Material:

      Inner: 95% cotton, 5% Spandex. Outer: 15% Spandex/Lycra, 85% Nylon

    • Closure:

      Hook and eye closure

    • Works under tight clothes
    • Works as a waist trainer and corset
    • Provides back support and promotes good posture
    • Made of a high-quality durable material
    • Smooths fat bulges under your clothes
    • Hand wash only

    The DILANNI latex waist trainer is a waist trainer, cincher as well as a shaping corset. This is a high compression waist trainer that is guaranteed to give you a slimmer waistline. The front is constructed with a 3 layer hook and eye closure that allows you to adjust the size to fit. You can adjust the level of compression to control the slimming effects while you are wearing the waist trainer.

    The DILANNI latex waist trainer is made with different materials on each layer. The inner layer is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the outer layer is made of 15% spandex and Lycra and 85% Nylon while the mid-layer is completely natural latex.

    For more waist clincher support, the inside of the DILANNI latex waist trainer is made with 9 spiral steel boning to support your back and give you the best posture. The steel boning is durable, flexible, and soft just like plastic boning which means it is just as comfortable. The steel boning is easy to bend which means you can use it for yoga and light exercise as well as a corset.


    This high compression durable waist trainer works great for women with a long torso. It is made of flexible steel boning that supports the lumbar and back to give you a great posture while also slimming your waist at the same time. The rubber latex helps you sweat more which means you lose the calories around your abdomen faster.

    The LODAY waist trainer corset for weight loss

    The LODAY waist trainer corset for weight loss

    Best for plus size women with a long torso

    • Closure:

      Features both hook and eye, and zipper closures

    • Made from high-quality materials
    • Helps with back support and posture
    • Can help with weight loss and figure sculpting
    • only suitable for long torsos

    The LODAY waist trainer is the perfect corset/body shaper for people with a longer torso. it is a thermal waist trainer that concentrates heat around your body giving you a sauna effect and stimulating fat loss.

    The high compression provided from the double layer holds everything in place perfectly. The LODAY has 4 spiral steel boning of high quality to prevent it from rolling up when you are active or even when you sit down. This lumbar support belt helps with back pain relief as well as correcting your posture. It also functions like a belly fat and tummy tack burner to sculpt an hourglass figure for women and make the waist look inches smaller fast.

    This waist trainer helps you hide all your bulges, lumps, and rolls making your body look tight. You can actually wear the LODAY waist trainer under your clothes and even with a pair of jeans comfortably. It is designed with an adjustable zip that is closed over three rows of hook closures which are also adjustable. You can use them for different compression levels to make sure the waist trainer fits your best. The hook closures also make it easy to open and close the zip. The zip is high quality and easy to pull from the bottom and hide it to give you a slimmer look.

    It is comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy; it moves with your body when you are on the move or at the gym. It comes in multiple various sizes, going from small to 4 XL.


    The LODAY is great for plus size women; the underbust fits perfectly and works with the zipper corset design to give off a comfortable fit and an upright position.

    Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer

    LadySlim by NuvoFit Waist Trainer corset cincher

    best for tall slim ladies

    • Closure:

      Hook and eye closure

    • Invisible under clothing
    • Great for women with long slim figures
    • Provides a sauna effect
    • Made from 100% natural Latex
    • Ideal for posture correcting
    • Does nothing for the support back muscles

    Tall women have their fair share of issues when it comes to finding a suitable and well-fitting corset for them. Lucky for you, the LadySlim waist trainer corset is the perfect fit. You can use it as a boned corset and waist trainer. It is made of good quality latex. The latex, 100% natural, comes with little smell which goes away after the first wash; air-drying the waist trainer as soon as you receive it can also help.

    The latex layer increases your level of sweat during a workout which increases the temperature in the abdominal area giving off a sauna effect. The temperature increase is a sign you’re burning calories and reducing fat around that area. The inner lining absorbs the sweat leaving you dry and comfortable. The Interior is constructed with flexible boning that gives you back and lumbar support and this helps you correct your posture. The boning also keeps the lower hemline of the waist trainer from rolling upwards and the upper lining from rolling down while you are active or when you have to sit down.

    The front is designed into 3 hook and eye rows that allow you to adjust the LadySlim waist trainer for a better fit. You can also increase the level of compression with the hook and eye design to increase weight loss progress around the abdomen.


    This waist cincher will reduce inches off your waist instantly. It is made with flexible boning to ensure it fits comfortably. The Lady Slim waist trainer is made especially for people with a tall, slimmer body and helps you get rid of that fast.

    Wrapping up

    Short torso waist trainers seem pretty convenient even when you have a long torso but it does not always work out. Short torso trainers will not provide you with the back and lumbar support you need during heavy exercises; they may even be the cause of your back pain. A fitting trainer should be able to provide you with the support you need plus more.
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