Best Plus Size Waist Trainers

Having trouble finding the perfect waist trainer for your plus size body? Worry no more. This list of the best waist trainers for plus size will help you find the perfect tool for your weight loss journey.

Waist training can benefit anyone regardless of weight and size. Thanks to accountability in the fashion industry, plus size women are now able to get fitting waist trainers that helps in their weight loss journey. Together with a proper diet and regular intensive exercise, waist training can help you lose weight around your belly and help you reach your desired body goals fast. not to mention the added benefits that come with waist training including a better posture, muscle movement and back pain relief.

Best Waist Trainers For Plus Size – Top Plus Size Waist Trainer
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    Things you should consider when choosing waist trainer for plus size

    The size

    This is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a waist trainer online. Sizes are different from one seller to another which means there is a chance you might be buying the wrong fitting. Ensure you check out the size of the waist trainer against your measurements to confirm that it fits before you make the final purchase.


    Not all materials are strong enough to withstand body resistance. The materials of the waist trainer should also depend on your skin’s sensitivity. If you are highly allergic to latex, get yourself latex-free blends like cotton trainers.

    On the other hand, latex is of high quality and will withstand any intensive interval training. If you are one to workout at the gym with lifts, get yourself a high endurance material that will last you for a longer period.


    Comfort is a factor that depends on the size and material as well as the build of the waist trainer. A trainer with steel boning is less likely to be as comfortable as one with plastic boning.

    Top Waist Trainer For Plus Size​

    Waist trainer
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    Neoprene / Polyester / Spandex
    Xs to 5XL
    Non latex rubber
    Small to 4XL
    Small to 4XL
    Xs to 8XL
    3XS TO 4 XL
    Spandex / Nylon
    S to 6 XL
    LUXX curves health waist trainer corsets

    The LUXX curves health waist trainer corsets

    Best for both long and short torso

    • Material:

      96% Nylon, 4% Spandex

    • Color:

      Available in a wide range of colorful options

    • Layers:

      Made from three layers, allowing it to be more durable than other waist trainers.

    • Available in three torso lengths
    • Comes in a wide range of sizes
    • Great for postpartum
    • Gives back support and promotes a healthy posture
    • Some find the steel boning uncomfortable

    The LUXX curves waist trainer gives you the perfect hourglass shaper immediately. The girdles are made of 3 layers of materials that lock in the heat and induce thermogenesis. This makes your body sweat and helps you lose weight around the abdomen area. The increased core temperature is a sign that you are burning more calories and therefore inducing weight loss and stomach fat burning.

    Aside from its ability to give you a nice figure in a really short time, this waist trainer is also great for your health. The insider of The LUXX curves waist trainer is made out of flexible steel boning. They work to vertically support the spine, reduce back pain, and improve your posture rapidly. While the steel boning makes it hard to get comfortable with the first few times, you eventually get used to it and the results are fast and great.

    The LUXX curves waist trainer is also great for postpartum. It helps moms improve muscle movement and separation, pulls the abdomen together, and helps repair muscle gap. It comes in 1o different sizes which makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit. The black LUXX curves waist trainer is available in three different torso lengths; short, long, and medium. The torso lengths are 9 inches, 11.5 inches, and 14 inches.


    The LUXX curves health waist trainer is a multipurpose trainer that works great for plus size women. Unlike other waist trainers, you can find this in three different sized torsos. This makes it easier for women of all shapes, sizes, and lengths to find a waist trainer.

    You can get an exclusive 10% discount if you use the code EMPRESS10 on the Luxx Curves website.

    The YIANNA Sauna Suit Tank Top Waist Trainer Belt

    Best for short and normal torso

    • Material:


    • Size:

      Comes in a wide range of sizes

    • Comes in a wide range of sizes
    • It is adjustable for women of different sizes
    • Has a pocket where you can store your phone
    • Not suitable for women with long torsos

    The YIANNA Sweat Neoprene Tank Top Is a triple threat that serves as a waist trainer, a sports bra and a waist trimmer. It is made of high-quality Neoprene / Polyester / Spandex material that stretches to fit your body perfectly and makes the waist trainer more effective.

    The vest has a zipper closure in the front before being overlapped by the waist trainer. Together with the adjustable waistband that has a Velcro closure, they help shape your body into an hourglass shape. The YIANNA Sweat Neoprene Waist Trainer is the perfect fit for people with a short torso and normal torsos.

    It is created out of 2m neoprene compression fabric and the interior lining is fused with neoprene rubber and a protective layer of black jersey mesh. This makes it more comfortable, lightweight and increases the quality. The interior pocket makes the YIANNA Sweat Neoprene Waist Trainer more modern than any other waist trainers. You can store your pocket in the phone while you are active

    The racerback sports bra is form-fitting and allows for free movement. It contours to most, if not all types of body shapes on the upper body. it helps you sweat more during a workout and lose some water weight cleaning your pores.

    The YIANNA works with a high compression system that helps you reduce weight up to three sizes in just a short period of time. Its unique design features a sports bra, waist trainer, and waist trimmer that give off high compressions which reduces and shapes your waist. The waistband is adjustable to fit women of different sizes

    LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

    The LODAY waist trainer corset for weight loss

    Best for plus size women with a long torso

    • Material:

      Latex and microfiber composition

    • Closure:

      Features both a hook and eye, and a zip closure

    • Has a wide range of sizes
    • Steel boning makes the results very effective
    • Helps with back support and posture
    • Good quality
    • Can help with weight loss and figure sculpting
    • Only suitable for long torsos

    This waist trainer helps you hide all your bulges, lumps and rolls making your body look tight. The LODAY waist trainer is a great body shaper for plus size women with a long torso with a longer torso. It is a thermal waist trainer that concentrates heat around your body giving you a sauna effect and stimulating fat loss. It is comfortable, lightweight and stretchy; it moves with your body when you are on the move or at the gym. It comes in multiple various sizes, going from small to 4 XL.

    This lumbar support belt helps with back pain relief as well as correcting your posture. The LODAY waist trainer also appeared in our list of the best waist trainers for long torso. It also functions like a belly fat and tummy tack burner to sculpt an hourglass figure for women and make the waist look inches smaller fast. The LODAY has 4 spiral steel boning of high quality to prevent it from rolling up when you are active or even when you sit down.

    The high compression provided from the double layer holds everything in place perfectly. You can use them for different compression levels to make sure the waist trainer fits your best. The hook closures also make it easy to open and close the zip. The adjustable zip is closed over three rows of hook closures. The zip is high quality and easy to pull from the bottom and hide it to give you a slimmer look. You can wear this waist trainer under your clothes comfortably.


    The LODAY is great for plus size women with a long torso. You do not have to worry about bulges or your stomach coming out the bottom of the waist trainer while exercising. It gives off great hourglass figure results plus improved posture.

    Nebility Waist trainer corset for weight loss

    Best multifunctional waist trainer

    • Material:

      Polyester and Spandex blend

    • Closure:

      Hook and eye closure

    • Seams:

      Invisible seams and wide straps to prevent them digging in

    • Instantly slimming
    • Great for those with a fitness routine
    • Open bust area makes it more fitting for different sizes
    • Gives an hour glass figure
    • Not suitable for long torsos

    The Waist trainer corset for weight loss is designed for women with a long torso. This hot sauna vest hides your belly fat instantly making you have a slimmer waist and figure. You can wear the waist trimmer cosset comfortably under your jeans giving you an illusion hourglass figure instantly even before you start working out for it.

    The sizes range from small up to 4XL, which is averagely inclusive for plus size women. You can wear the Nebility waist trainer corset for aerobic exercises, and your fitness regime at the gym. It is purposely created to help you lose weight faster and get that hourglass figure. The corset does that by increasing your body heat helping you sweat and lose weight around your abdomen and back. It removes the excess weight, especially during high-intensity interval training that includes weights and other workout equipment.

    The neoprene material makes you sweat three times more, slimming your waist and shaping your body during that process. It is designed with adjustable straps to make the fit more universal. A zipper closure closes over three rows of hook closure to increase the level of compression and fit. The hook closures make it easy for you to hide the belly. The braless design also ensures an easy fit for plus size women of all shapes and sizes.


    With the Nebility Waist trainer corset for weight loss, you will start showing up to the gym willingly. It is the perfect waist trainer for plus size ladies with an intensive workout routine. It slims down the waist and gives off an hourglass figure almost immediately.

    FeelinGirl Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top

    FeelinGirl waist trimmer belt sauna tank top

    Best waist trainer for plus size women

    • Material:

      80% Neoprene, 20%Nylon

    • Closure:

      Features a zip and velcro closure

    • Provides the needed back support
    • Reduces your extra waistline
    • Can be used during postpartum
    • Gives you an hour glass shape
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Works best with a high exercise routine

    The FeelinGirl waist trimmer belt waist trainer is a zipper vest, tank top body shaper with Velcro. The unique waist trimmer plus sports bra plus waist trainer design is what makes the FeelinGirl waist trimmer belt stand out from the rest. It comes in 9 sizes, ranging from XS to 7 XL and has 6 color options

    The FeelinGirl waist trimmer works with a zipper closure that makes sure everything is held onto place while you are active. On the inside, the waist trainer is made into an adjustable waistband that covers the abdomen area. The waistband is adjustable and has Velcro closure to make sure the compression and hold is firm. This waist trainer is made of a premium 2mm single layer of neoprene material to ensure it endures the toughest of times. The material is elastic, flexible, stretchable and moisture-wicking. The thickness of the material makes it smooth, healthy, breathable and comfortable to wear.

    It provides firm compression, shapes the waist and gives you an hourglass shape. The racerback sports bra on the FeelinGirl waist trimmer allows for free movement and makes it great for outdoor exercises.

    This multifunctional waist trainer does not only give you back support and protects your spine during a workout, but also helps reduce your waistline. This efficient waist cincher helps speed up your postpartum recovery by reducing the swelling, controlling your back, tummy and postnatal pain and gives you a better shape and posture.


    This is one of the top best waist trainers for plus-size women, it comes in a total of 9 sizes the largest being 7XL. The waistband is adjustable to allow you to choose the perfect level of compression for waist slimming. You can use this for both during exercise and while you are home.

    Final words

    Waist training is great for people of all sizes, especially plus size women looking to lose weight around the tummy area and get a snatched look. A few years ago, it was harder for plus size women to get a fitting waist trainer, but now all you have to do is look in the right places. Use this list to find the perfect waist trainers and shed the fat around your abdomen fast for a healthy and good looking body.

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