How To Stop Shapewear From Rolling Down?

Wondering how to stop shapewear from rolling down?

Well, sometimes shapewear is not easy to deal with, they keep rolling down. We have all bought shapewear with the idea of sculpting our figures, making our dreams into reality.

It may sound like an exaggeration but, most people go in with the promise of looking our best and boosting our confidence. What they didn’t tell, however, is the struggles that you may face if you choose the wrong shapewear.

From the first minute you put shapewear on, you might feel flawless. Once you walk out the door, you know you’re going to turn heads. That confidence gets shut down within an hour, maybe even a half an hour, because the inevitable comes. The shapewear starts rolling down.

But trust us, not all shapewear will roll down on you. The best way to avoid shapewear that rolls down is by buying the best quality shapewear you can in your price-range. One of our top picks is Honeylove, you can find out more in our Honeylove Sculptwear Review.  

However, shapewear rolling down is a common problem with lower-quality products. So, if you weren’t ready to buy higher-quality shapewear or accidentally bought cheap shapewear, then you’re likely wondering what you can do?

Luckily for us, we’ve gathered a list of 5 tips to avoid shapewear rolling down.

Let’s get started.

5 Tips To Stop Shapewear From Rolling Down

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    Choose the Right Size and Material

    woman measuring her waist with a measuring tape

    Whether you want to prevent shapewear from rolling up or stop shapewear from rolling down, getting the right size is crucial!

    The size matters because if you wear shapewear that’s too small, your shapewear will roll down.

    Similarly, you want to make sure the shapewear you’re purchasing is of quality fabric. Almost all shapewear takes advantage of materials that have some form of elastic property, this provides that compression that helps to shape and smooth. However, as the material makes up the vast majority of the cost of producing shapewear, it is the first thing that cheaper brands will look to compromise on.

    Good shapewear uses fabric that compresses for long durations.

    If you want to get to specifics, knowing your bust, weight, and hip size are crucial. Choosing from the shapewear creator’s own size chart will help to ensure that you get the right size for you. As with most things in women’s clothing different brands use different measurements for their sizes. As we mentioned before, all bodies are not the same.

    You might have narrower hips, a bigger bust, etc. So, to get the right size, you should know your measurements ahead of time.

    Another crucial issue to note, a smaller size does not mean better support. If you want more, look for the compression the shapewear offers. Getting shapewear a size too small will lead to discomfort.

    If you’re looking for more compression then rather than looking at a smaller size then looking for shapewear that provides firm compression would be a better option to ensure you get the look you’re interested in and also.

    Add Support Or Get Shapewear With Added Support

    Another great way to stop shapewear from rolling down is by offering it additional support.

    For example, some high waist shapewear has silicone lining that grips your skin. The grip helps shapewear stay in place regardless of what you’re doing.

    However, there are other simple hacks to add support if your shapewear doesn’t stay up. You can use hairspray before putting on your shapewear. Apply hairspray to your midriff. The hairspray will make your skin sticky, which helps shapewear stay in place.

    You can also go for shapewear that uses anchors to stay up.

    This type of shapewear uses hooks that work with your bra strap. Similarly, go with shapewear that offers straps. The negative side to this, you can’t wear clothing that shows your shoulders.

    While not ideal, in a cinch, you can also use tape! Whether it’s fashion tape or sellotape, stick it to the area you want to support. It may not be comfortable but, it will help the shapewear stay up.

    Use tape to stop shapewear from rolling down

    Get the Right Compression

    best shapewear

    The next factor to consider when wanting to stop shapewear from rolling down is the compression of shapewear varies.

    Lightweight, medium, and firm control are the types of compression you can choose.

    If you’re new to shapewear, you need to know how each type of compression can work.

    Lightweight control smooths an area of fat. It does not offer a lot of support. Lightweight compression can make it prone to rolling down if the size isn’t right. 

    Medium control offers smoothing and sculpting of your figure. It can be easier to maintain, meaning it won’t roll down as much. However, if your day is full of activities, it can be prone to rolling down because of sweat.

    Lastly, firm control is what you want if you need to emphasize structure. It offers the most support of the three. Your shapewear won’t roll down as often but, it might still happen. You can’t win every time, unfortunately.

    Know When To Put It On

    This tip might sound ridiculous but it can stop shapewear from rolling down.

    When is it the wrong time to wear shapewear? However, this issue can slip our minds.

    For example, our lives can get hectic. We have to rush from place to place without taking a second to consider how we dress sometimes.

    See where this is going? During that rush, how you wear a type of clothing can go wrong. When it comes to shapewear, you want to put it on when you are completely dry.

    If your skin is damp, the shapewear will have problems molding to your body. As your body dries, the shapewear might be all over the place.

    Similarly, you have to take your time putting the shapewear on. If you rush, it will guarantee your shapewear will give you problems.

    You wouldn’t apply makeup in a hurry, right?

    The same applies to certain types of clothes, especially shapewear. These situations can happen, but the result is mostly the same. You end up looking worse for wear. You also add unnecessary discomfort.

    To add a little support, try moving around in your shapewear before going out. This way, it will give you an idea of how it will move around throughout the day. It will also help ensure the shapewear settles into your curves.

    Woman putting on makeup and getting ready

    Try Tucking

    Now comes one of the simple solutions!

    Tuck the shapewear under your bra to stop shapewear from rolling down. It works like tucking in a shirt would. The bra will help your shapewear stay in place. Roll your shapewear up and tuck it in.

    Where your shapewear sits is also something to consider. If it sits too low around your rear area, your butt will drag it down over the day.

    To avoid this problem, pull the waistline up.

    It might not look pretty but, that’s the least of our concerns.

    As long as the shapewear stays in place, you’ll be fine.


    We have gone over 5 tips to stop shapewear from rolling down. Hopefully, these tips help you look your best, no matter the situation. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you get the best out of your shapewear. 

    Until next time, stay beautiful!

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