Honeylove Sculptwear Review

Shapewear is meant to sculpt your body and make you look great. Read the Sculptwear Honeylove review and features that make it great shapewear.

The concept of shapewear is very similar to the girdle – they all have similar functions and still offer the same benefits, but shapewear is much more discreet, and a concept fully rooted in the 21st century. It is becoming an increasing obsession to look as curvy and flawless as possible, resorting to these body-fitting forms to enhance your overall appearance. You can find out more about the difference at our post about the difference between shapewear and waist trainers.

However, to be honest, it is really challenging to find the correct shapewear that you should purchase, even though the possibilities all seem endless. There are also additional factors to consider, such as the durability and size – after all, you would not want to buy something, only to have it fall apart or tear after a few weeks.

Among the many brands you might consider though is Sculptwear Honeylove, and we will focus on whether it is worth your money.

Sculptwear Honeylove reviews
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    Honeylove Sculptwear was originally run as a Kickstarter campaign, which got funded. They’ve gone on to ship the sculptwear in the US. It’s always nice to see a Kickstarted campaign actually succeed and ship when you hear about how many are “successful” and then fail to ever deliver anything to their customers.

    This is the video they had on their Kickstarter campaign.

    What do expect

    The company’s beginnings all claim to provide a solution to the problems plaguing shapewear and address plenty of issues that many people might not look at when they buy these items. The founder is Betsie Larkin, an artist and singer that wanted to make shapewear that could give a smooth and sleek silhouette on the stage without rolling up the body and making the user feel uncomfortable – even overcoming some of the disadvantages of other brands in the market.

    The aim of the company is that its products are tailored for women and designed by women. It also comes in a variety of sizes to fit different body types, so it is set to give you plenty of confidence as long as you choose correctly.

    Honeylove Sizing

    Honeylove Sizing

    As any woman will know, sizing is always a pain. What one company thinks is the right size for you doesn’t mean that it will be the right size for the another. Honeylove helps to make this easier by providing an easy to use tool to help you pick the right size for their shapewear.

    There are two ways to find the right size for you:

    1. Provide your measurements. You’re able to provide your measurements and Honeylove will provide you with the right size for you. They also helpfully provide you with images to make sure that you’re measuring yourself in the right places.
    2. Provide your dress sizes. While less accurate you’re able to go through a process where they ask for:
      1. Your dress size, checking if there are other dress sizes you sometimes wear
      2. Your jean size (again checking if you wear different sizes as well)
      3. Your height (allowing you to specify either in imperial or metric helpfully)

    Once you have provided all your details the tool will show you the Honeylove size they recommend. One of the features we really liked is that it allows you to challenge the measurement, though all it does it let you know that you can choose a size up or a size down and if it doesn’t fit you can return it free of charge.

    Once you’re happy with the chosen size, it allows you to select the color you want and then gives you a button to add it straight to your basket, avoiding the need to go back to the page and select the size based on what they have previously told you, quite a nice touch.

    You can find the tool by clicking on “Find My Size” on their website.

    Key features

    Material used

    The product does a much better job of sculpting the body and making you look amazing when you wear your clothes. Even though they slim down the waist and lift your abdominal area and make it look flatter, they do not feel like advanced underwear – they feel tougher and stronger.

    The manufacturer aims to solve two major problems with the usual shapewear through this product:

    • The tendency of most shapewear to bunch up throughout the day as you wear it, which forces you to make a lot of readjustments – or else the garment becomes very uncomfortable. They aim to make the fit of your shapewear as seamless as possible without bunching up throughout the day.
    • Typical shapewear tends to flatten out areas like your butt and leaves it looking shapeless while emphasizing the curves of certain areas. However, Sculptwear Honeylove aims to enhance the curves that are already there through the use of supportive structures within the seams of the garment. This is also quite similar to vintage corsets, which used a similar structure and encased these structures in soft protective fabric.

    Overall, do not expect the shapewear to give you an extreme result, but it still results in an impressive ending. It is particularly useful if you struggle to have a shapely rear end, it still does a good job of making your rearview look much better than it normally does.

    Comfortable fabric

    The item is really comfortable, which is quite impressive especially when you compare it to other shapewear. It will also not have the tendency of rolling down, as we mentioned earlier, and this is thanks to the plastic boning that is within the waistline area.

    This boning is very effective, even after a number of hours of wearing the garment. To put this into perspective, it is a major improvement compared to other shapewear – although note that this will come at a price.

    What is this price, you might ask? Well, the boning begins to feel like it stabs your ribcage after five to six hours of continuous wear (especially if you are wearing clothes that are really small). Even though you can feel the boning, it does not necessarily hurt.


    This is much better than most other brands in terms of its look and the sculpting effect it has – and yes, it is true. Even though it does not look like lingerie, it does its best to look good without resorting to the typical ‘body condom’ appearance, which means they are less embarrassing to be seen in.

    However, even though it has plenty of advantages, it does have a particular drawback – the boning makes it difficult to remove them when you are heading to the bathroom for a bathroom break. That means that all the trips you make to the restroom need you to get dressed all over again – which is quite irritating, especially on those days you are in a hurry.


    The design of the product is impressive, and it is built to last. The material itself is quite thick, and it has a different feel overall to help you look good even under your clothes.

    In addition, the edges and seams are well-constructed and feel quite strong, and the sides of the panel that holds the abdominal area all have boning in them. This prevents rolling up and down of the fabric, as well as giving them a definite sense of structure.


    This is quite expensive for shapewear – but the advantage here is that it is built to last for many months to come. Many people might be put off by the price, but it also comes with additional goodies – such as a mesh washing bag that protects it from the spin cycle when you machine-wash it.

    If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Honeylove Sculptwear have a look at our top 3 alternatives for Honeylove Sculptwear.


    If you get the SuperPower Shorts, these have an opening in the crotch for each access in the bathroom! It is worth being aware though if you get the SuperPower Briefs or Queen Briefs these do not have an opening as they are designed to put them on and take them off fast and easily.



    Final thoughts

    While this is definitely not the cheapest shapewear on the market, if you’re able to fit the Honeylove Sculptwear into your budget then it is definitely worth it. As with all things that quickly become popular, you’re able to find cheaper Chinese knock-offs all over the Internet, which will definitely give you a bit of the benefit. However, there is a reason for them being cheaper, they use cheaper materials and just focus on making the product look like the real thing rather than focusing on giving the user the same experience/results.

    This is definitely one of the more comfortable garments you can get and like the adverts suggest it does actually avoid those pinches and bits coming out in other places, which is never a good look.

    Since coming out with their Sculptwear range, Honeylove has brought out more amazing shapewear. You can find out more about these in our in-depth Honeylove LiftWear Tank review and Honeylove V-Neck Bra review

    If you’re interested in finding out more or purchasing one for yourself, then you can click on the link below. This is an affiliate link, which will help to support Empress Waist.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Currently Honeylove only sell the Honeylove Sculptwear through their website Honeylove.com. Though if they do start to sell through Amazon or other online retailers we will be sure to update this article with a link to where you can buy it.

    Honeylove claim that they will ship to any country that receives mail, though we obviously haven't been able to test that out.

    Honeylove ship their shapewear, or as they like to call it, sculptwear, from Southern California. If you're looking to get one of their garments shipped they give you a number of options:

    1. Free shipping in the US (including Hawaii, Alaska and those with an armed forces address).
    2. Express (3 business days) for $25
    3. Rush (2 business days) for $35
    4. Overnight (1 day if ordered before 11am PST Mon-Thurs) for $45
    5. Outlying U.S. islands $25

    If you're looking to get a garment shipped outside of the U.S. then you will need to refer to their website to confirm shipping cost and taxes.

    Honeylove have a 60 day guarantee, where they promise that if you decide that you don't like one of their products within 60 days you can return it for a full refund.

    They do insist that the items must be unworn, though saying that trying their sculptwear over panties to check the fit is fine.

    For customers based in the U.S. they ever provide free return shipping. Though for other countries you will need to look up the price.

    Honeylove Sculptwear is machine washable as long as you have the wash run on cold and you use a lingerie wash bag.

    You should NOT put your Honeylove Sculptwear in a dryer.

    Honeylove are very clear that their products are sculptwear rather than shapewear. The difference is that shapewear will squeeze the body all over to create a smooth look, whereas sculptwear targets problem areas, tummy/bum, to achieve the look, while leaving you able to breath unrestricted.

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