Shapermint Review 2020

Shapermint is one of the best known brands for buying shapewear on the market today. They provide a wide variety of high quality garments, that will help you to smooth your figure and help you to look as fabulous as you deserve.

In this guide, we are going to look at Shapermint and talk about the different ranges that they have available as well as the pros and cons of each of the ranges that they provide.

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    Shapermint have focused their website on ensuring that you’re able to quickly and easily find the perfect garment for what you’re looking for. They have done this by building great filtering into their website, this allows you to filter their products by style, price, size, the level of compression and the area of the body that you want to control. This is in addition to breaking down their website into logical parts that make our lives easier. The breakdown they have provided is:

    • Panties
    • Shorts
    • Bras
    • Leggings
    • Camis
    • Hosiery
    • Bodysuits
    • Swimwear
    Below we will go through each of these groups to give you an idea of the products and help you make the best decision for your body.

    Shapermint Bodysuits

    Shapermint Bodysuit

    Shapermint provide bodysuits in a large range of styles, but all of them are designed to smooth and give your body that flattering appearance.

    While some of the Shapermint items can come across eye-wateringly expensive, the Shapermint bodysuits are very reasonably priced, mostly coming in between $25 and $80.

    Shapermint bodysuits come in sizes XS to 4XL, so you should be able to find a size that will fit you. All of their bodysuits have a size guide that you should review when purchasing to ensure that you’re able to find the perfect size for you. It is worth noting that the measurements for the sizes vary from product to product, so it is definitely worth checking the product’s specific sizing guide.

    Shapermint Leggings

    Leggings are probably what Shapermint are best known for. They’re designed to be snug and cozy while still being breathable. Shapermint have designed their leggings to be so comfortable that you’re going to want to wear them all the time. 

    Shapermint leggings are designed to look good enough that you’re able to put your outfit over them without the leggings looking out of place. Or you can just lounge around in the house wearing them in perfect comfort, they have gone for that pajama-like feel.

    Shapermint do both mid-waisted and high-waisted leggings to suit whatever your preference is. Shapermint have also kept in mind one of the most frequent problems with leggings, people being able to see through them when you bend over or stretch during things like yoga. Their materials are specifically designed to prevent this from happening.

    Shapermint Bras

    Along with trying to ensure you get the figure you deserve Shapermint has started to think about problems that we face every day and whether there is a better way. Through this they have come up with a range of Shapermint Bras that focus on making wearing a bra more comfortable. This includes going wireless, with wide straps that don’t dig in and using a super soft material.

    As well as making bras for every day use Shapermint also make sports bras, which focus on being super-breathable and designed to keep your girls in place during even the most strenuous of exercise.

    Shapermint have provided a fun little video to show off one of their bras, which gives you a better idea of the sorts of changes they have made to their bras to make them more comfortable.

    If you’re interested in Shapermint Bras then you should head over to our Top Shapermint Bra article, to find out about our favorites.

    Shapermint Panties

    One of the most common types of shapewear is the panties and Shapermint’s range of panties doesn’t disappoint. Shapermint have a wide range of panties, with both high-waisted and mid-waisted lengths. Shapermint utilize silicone strips to ensure that the Shapermint panties don’t roll down even if you wear them all day. 

    Shapermint uses vitamin E-infused yarn to look after your skin throughout the day. We’re not completely convinced that this is going to be of any use in the long term, especially after a few washes but it could be useful at the beginning.

    In addition to the standard brief style of panties, Shapermint also do a thong variety if that is your preference.

    Shapermint Hosiery

    If you find yourself regularly wearing hosiery, whether just out and about or at work, being able to combine this with shapewear can be a Godsend. It avoids you having to wear hosiery that will be visible and then shapewear on top of that which will shape your body.

    Shapermint hosiery is designed to give your legs 360-degree compression. This helps to make your legs look smoother and firmer. Shapermint hosiery is made specifically to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. This includes being designed to wick away moisture and using materials that help to keep you cool. Shapermint provide two collections of hosiery:

    Shapermint’s Berkshire Hoisery

    Shapermint’s Berkshire hosiery uses reinforced spandex to create a seamless look that is designed to perfectly fit your body and accentuate your curves. 

    Shapermint’s Hanes Hosiery

    The focus for Shapermint’s Hanes hosiery is to give your legs that perfect, almost airbrushed look but also helping to shape your body. The Hones Hosiery is also designed to be able to “glide on” preventing tears or getting those dreaded runs. They also come with either reinforced toes or sheer toes, which allow you to tailor what you need depending on your footwear.
    Shapermint Hosiery

    Shapermint Camis

    Shapermint sell a number of camis and tank tops that help to flatten your tummy area, while not flattening your chest. They’re designed so that you can wear them under your everyday clothes but also so you can wear them as your main top during summer and look fabulous!

    Shapermint uses what they refer to as “No Slip Grip” to help ensure that the garment doesn’t move around when you’re wearing it, which helps with the shaping and preventing it from riding up through the day. 

    Shapermint Swimwear

    One of the times where our bodies are visible to the world is when we go to the beach or go swimming. This makes swimwear from a shapewear maker such as Shapermint a logical step. By taking their understanding of shaping your body and applying it to swimwear you can get some great results.

    Shapermint have a reasonable range of swimwear to give you choice. Unsurprisingly they focus on one-piece swimwear, this allows for the swimwear to be shaping, where as with a bikini it would be difficult to help shape your body given how little it covers.

    Shapermint swimwear comes in sized from XS to 4XL, which means you will almost certainly be able to find the size that you’re looking for.

    As with a lot of Shapermint’s products there is definitely a price associated with the quality of their products and the $150 to $200 pricetag for swimwear definitely feels a little eye watering, so it is definitely worth having a think about whether you’re willing to spend that much. Let’s be honest though, if you feel more comfortable in what you’re wearing you’re going to enjoy your time wearing something more and be more likely to use it frequently. As Shapermint work to ensure their products are made to last you should be able to get years of use out of the swimwear. 

    Shapermint Swimwear

    Shapermint Shorts

    These are probably the first type of shapewear that any woman gets. They help to shape the areas that we most commonly want to shape, the butt and the waist. Shapermint provide a large range of shorts to cover any style you want.

    The Shapermint shorts range includes a variety of waist heights and amounts of thigh covered. This allows you to go from shorts that go up to your mid-waist and down to your lower thigh to ensure you have nice smooth lines, to boy shorts style which just focuses on giving you that perfect butt lift.

    The vast majority of the Shapermint shorts ranges are designed to prevent VPL and ensure that they won’t ride up during the day, even if you’re wearing them during exercise.

    If you’re interested in finding the right Shapermint shorts for you then you can read our review of the top Shapermint shorts.

    Shapermint Sizing

    It’s a situation we face every time we go shopping and it is only getting worse now that more and more of our shopping is done online. You find a piece of clothing you like and they have your size, great! You order it but when it arrives it is too big or too small, yes a lot of companies have hassle-free returns but that’s still not what we wanted. This is why having detailed sizing guides for what you’re buying is important.

    Shapermint provides a specific size guide for every product that they sell. Unfortunately, this means you can’t count being able to get the same size for different products, especially when you go between different groups like swimwear and leggings. The plus side of this is that when you buy something you can be more confident that it will fit you.

    Shapermint also provide pages in their help area which provide you with details on how to accurately take your measurements. These are really useful but there’s nothing quite like being able to see exactly how someone else is doing it. Shapermint know this and have provided a short helpful video on how to take your measurements to find the right size for whatever piece of clothing you’re looking to buy.

    Shapermint Sizing

    Shapermint Shipping

    Shapermint Shipping

    Shipping Cost

    Shapermint provide free shipping for all orders over $50. They also occasionally provide free shipping coupons through their email subscription, so that may be worth joining if you’re likely to want it.

    International Shipping

    As well as shipping within the United States they ship internationally to the following countries:
    • North America – United States, Canada
    • Europe – United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain
    • Asia & Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore
    • South/Latin America – Mexico

    If you’re not based in one of those countries then it may be worth trying to buy from Amazon to see whether they will deliver to you.

    As with any international shipping, you may need to pay Import Duty and Taxes within the country receiving the products. These are outside of Shapermint’s control and you may have to pay for them on receipt.

    Shapermint Returns & Exchanges

    Shapermint has a good approach to returns and exchanges policy. They will allow for returns and exchanges of items in their original condition when:

    • The item didn’t fit
    • The item was defective
    • The item was incomplete
    • You received the wrong item

    Shapermint give you 30 days to ask for a return or exchange, after that they will assume that you’re happy with your item, which given one of the first things we do when we get new clothes is try them is reasonable.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can buy Shapermint from Amazon but for the full range you will need to go to the Shapermint website.

    Shapermint allow for exchanges or returns within 30 days, after which they assume that you're happy with your items.

    There is a $6.95 "refund fee" applied to refunds but exchanges are done free of charge.

    We have a dedicated article reviewing and comparing on Shapermint vs Spanx.

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