Shapermint vs. Spanx

Everyone wants an instantly slim waist and curvy body so they can rock a dress to an upcoming event. the shapermin vs spanx review to find the perfect shapewear.

It is not a surprise to find that many people hold shapewear as a guilty secret – both women and men alike. You might want to look fantastic in a certain dress or outfit or take a few pounds off your appearance, but the shape of your body does not allow you to do so. However, shapewear comes in to save the day instantly, keeping you looking good and feeling confident in your appearance. They are not a gadget that you can use to shed those pounds though, but are simply tools to help you hide your body blemishes instantly even when you struggle with your body.

There are numerous brands out there that have carved a name for themselves in the industry, and none are more prominent than these two – Shapermint and Spanx. The good news is that we have done much of the work for you, so you will not need to struggle finding out what is better than the other – read on to find out our reviews on both brands.

Shapermint vs. Spanx
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    Shapermint review

    Shapermint vs. Spanx

    This is quite the young company that has had a new start in the world of shapewear and is mostly known for their leggings, even though leggings only began gaining popularity around 2015. The clear indication is that they understand the belief that women, especially older women, do not need to hide their beauty just because their bodies are going – they can still showcase their natural beauty through these shapewear items.

    The primary audience they are targeting is women between the ages of 30 to 50, because they understand very well that these ages bring with them a loss in appeal and dips in confidence – which is normal, but it is not warranted. They give women endless options for their shapewear as well.

    The main difference that sets them apart from Spanx, another similar brand, is that Shapermint tends to focus on various underwear and shapewear, but they do not manufacture their own products – instead, they work with specific manufacturers who make these products in high quality, then they step in to sell these items at affordable prices.

    The main products that you can get from them include:

    • Empetua Shapermint high-waisted panty – this is mainly for the compression of the back, stomach area and waist definition, all while remaining comfortable enough for all-day use. It also has an anti-slip mechanism to prevent the shapewear from sliding down, a very frustrating problem that most women have with incorrectly-fitting shapewear.
    • Empetua high-waisted shaper shorts and body shaper – like the previous option, this gives you great coverage in your abdominal area, back and waist. It also caters quite well to multiple body types to boost your confidence, and you will enjoy wearing it as long as the sizing is comfortable for you.
    • Shapermint high-waist shaping leggings – this is among the most popular choices from the company, and will smooth out all the places in your legs and thighs for a smooth look. They also go well with many outfits, and you can wear them on multiple occasions.


    • The products are all breathable and are off good quality
    • Greta customer service
    • Does not roll down during the day
    • Affordable


    • Can mess with your stomach, especially if it is too tight

    Spanx review

    This company has been active on the shapewear scene for quite some time now, having established themselves as one of the first shapewear manufacturers and constantly evolving to fit the needs of women over the years. Their experience also allows them to know various problems that affect women’s bodies, and they have all kinds of shapewear that cater for these areas – including butts, thighs, bust and backs.

    Some of their products include:

    • Spanx in Power line super higher power briefs – these come in the form of shorts, and will compress your waist, abdomen and thighs to give you a smooth appearance. Their control bottom is quite firm and will force the butt to round out while offering support. The result is a smoother back silhouette, and gives you that much-needed confidence boost.
    • Women’s Higher Power briefs – these, along with waist cinchers, are some of the most popular shapewear options due to waist definition. These also happen to be multi-functional, and their panty line is non-existent when you wear your clothes. The longer version of these briefs will also tackle your thighs, and their sizing chart is quite simple and impressive enough to help you know what to pick when you shop.
    • Women’s Simplicity Open-bust camisole – camisoles are among the best innerwear garments for women, and this one takes it up a notch. It even allows you to wear your own bra, even as it creates a very smooth bust line. In fact, its fit makes it really good if you are among the bigger-busted girls that struggle with keeping your chest silhouette looking even, and the product sizing guidelines are good, simple and clear. Speaking of that, there is also;
    • Women’s Simplicity Lingerie strap slip – if you have ever thought of looking like a 1950s pin-up and film star with the classic feminine body shape, this is the perfect fit for you. Its color also makes it excellent when you want to wear sheer dresses without exposing too much, unlike the case with some strap slips that seem to bunch up against your ski. It also has a nip in the waist area and gives some great cleavage when you wear it with a good bra.
    • Slim cognito shaping bodysuit (mid-thigh) – this is a product that offers your body quite some impressively strong control, and is completely seamless (so no one needs to know you are wearing shapewear). It also covers the body up to your mid thighs, so you can wear it comfortably with dresses, boy shorts, and skirts without feeling out of place.


    • Instant shapely figure
    • It makes you look lighter
    • Good quality materials
    • Boosts your confidence


    • You need to be careful not to wear too tight or too loose shapewear
    Shapermint vs. Spanx

    Wrapping up

    Based on both these brands, they both offer very similar benefits as well as drawbacks. However, regardless of what you decide to wear, you need to ensure that it fits you comfortably and does not leave you in a hot mess when you remove it.

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