Spanx Review 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you’re familiar with shapewear or not, Spanx is one of those companies that everyone has heard of. The brand is probably the reason that shapewear has become as popular and accepted as it has.

In this post we will look at the types of Spanx shapewear that is available and help you to answer the question of “What Spanx should I get?”

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    Spanx was originally founded in 1998 by Sara Blakely. The story goes she was getting ready for a night out and realized she didn’t have any underwear that would work under the white pants she was planning on wearing, so she made her own. 

    From those humble beginnings the company has gone on to become a household name and has branched out into many other product lines lines. These include, leggings, activewear, panties and, of course, shape wear.

    In this post we will look at the types of shapewear that Spanx sells and give you the lowdown on them.

    Spanx Bodysuits

    Spanx has a wide range of bodysuits covering pretty much every option you could need. They have bodysuits with straps and without, ones that are like panties and ones that come down past your knees.

    Spanx bodysuits primarily come in a mix of nylon, Elastane and cotton, 

    When you’re looking on their website, they provide a great filtering arrangement that covers what size, color and level of support you’re looking for. They primarily only come in black and a variety of beige colors with names such as “Broadway Beige”, “Soft Nude” and “Champagne Beige”.

    One of the great things about the Spanx bodysuits is that they tend to be machine washable, though on cold. This is a great bonus over some other companies who say that their bodysuit shapewear is hand-wash only. Obviously make sure you check the instructions that come with your purchase to make sure that you don’t accidentally pick one that is hand-wash only up and put it in the washing machine.

    Spanx Mid-Thigh Shorts

    Spanx’s range of mid-thigh shorts covers pretty much any type of mid-thigh shorts you can think of. With a wide range of compression levels, waist heights, colors and materials. Spanx provide a wider range of colors with their mid-thigh shorts than they do for their bodysuits, including a greater set of skin tones between beige and black. 

    Spanx also do a pair of mid-thigh shorts specifically designed for expecting mothers, which they call their Mama Short.

    With prices ranging between $36 and $88 you will be able to find a mid-thigh short that fits your need.

    Spanx Waist Cinchers​

    While Spanx’s waist cincher range is smaller than the other ranges, what they do provide is good quality.

    They have two types of waist cinchers. The first is a elasticated step in waist cincher, which you pull up your body. It also has flexible boning down the sides.

    The second type of waist cincher incorporates both hooks and a zip to achieve the level of compression you’re looking for. By changing the row of hooks that you’re using will give you the control while the zipper helps you to put it on with ease.

    They do suggest that it can be worn either with the zip or hooks at the front with them describing having the zipper at the front will give a smoother front and greater lower belly compression. While having the zipper on the back will give additional back support.

    Spanx Capri

    Spanx provide a small range of Capris but that range should cover all your needs. Each of them coming down to the calf with the main differences being around the material used for the Capri and how high up the waist they come.

    The Skinny Britches(r) Capri are Spanx’s latest Capri and come in both black and what they refer to as “Naked 2.0”, which is their next-to-naked look. This material is designed to blend in with your natural skin color, providing lightweight smoothing throughout the day. 

    One thing to make sure you’re careful about is that Spanx’s Capris are hand-wash only. You won’t want to risk ruining them by putting them in the washing machine.

    Spanx Panties

    Spanx’s range of panties is where they provide some of their most firm shaping garments. Most of them are high-waisted to ensure there’s no muffin-top, with some of them high enough that they come up to your bra. While this is a nice feature it does mean if you have a slightly shorter torso than most you may end up having excess material when wearing that one.

    Their panties collection includes their high-waisted thong, using what they refer to as their Comfort Crack™ design, to ensure your comfort while avoiding any panty lines.

    Spanx Tanks/Camis

    Spanx’s range of Tanks and Camis if quite small but does cover your options. They have both normal camis and an open-bust option should you want to wear something with a low-neckline while still having another layer underneath.

    Currently all the Spanx Tanks/Camis can be machine washed, though always check before you purchase in case they’ve changed their recommendation.

    If you’re looking for another option to the Spanx Tanks then you could have a look at the Honeylove LiftWear Tank.

    Spanx Slips

    Spanx do three styles of slips. Half slip, open bust and normal to provide you with options no matter what you are choosing to wear. 

    Spanx have their “SmartGrip” technology for keeping your slip in place during the day. Ensuring that even if you are in a hurry it won’t ride up. 

    To ensure the minimal visibility of these underneath your clothes they have used techniques such as flat, ladder stitch seams to make them invisible under your dress.

    Currently all of the slips available on Spanx are machine washable, but check before you purchase.

    Spanx Sizing

    Spanx Sizing

    Sizing is always one of the hardest bits about buying online. Without the ability to try things on it’s hard to know whether a large in one brand is the same as large in another brand, or even for a different garment from the same brand. 

    Spanx try to make this as easy as possible by using a consistent sizing guide throughout their range of clothing. This helps you to feel more confident that if you find you’re a large for one item from them you’re likely to be the same for all other items. 

    Spanx also support this with their returns policy, which you can read more about below.

    Spanx Shapewear Sizing

    Spanx Shipping

    While Spanx is available in a wide variety of places, the below is focused on the shipping when you are purchasing through the official Spanx website.

    Shipping Cost

    The below are the options that you have if you’re shipping within the US. Though they do have a cut off of 12:00 EST.

    Standard Shipping (4-9 business days) – Free
    Third Day (3 business days) – $11.95
    Second Day (2 business days) – $14.95
    Overnight (1 business day) – $19.95

    If you live in Alaska/Hawaii or the U.S. Territories you do not have the option of express delivery and are only able to choose the standard shipping (4-9 business days).

    You can find the latest details about Spanx Shipping on their website.

    International Shipping

    The only country Spanx specifically call out for international shipping is Canada. For our Canadian friends, Spanx provide two options:

    Landmark Standard (3-8 business days) – $24.95
    DHL Express (2-3 business days) – $35.50

    Spanx Returns

    Spanx provide a 90 day refund if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase. This is obviously only for orders that have been made through the Spanx website, if you have purchased from elsewhere you will need to try and return to that shop.

    Spanx do say that they won’t accept returns where the product shows signs of excessive wear and tear. This suggests that unlike other brands they do accept returns where the products have been worn. Though they do call out that they may refuse refunds where there appears to be abuse of the Spanx Return Policy.

    Refunds are provided within 30 days of when the item is received back at Spanx

    Spanx Exchanges

    One of the areas that the Spanx official website let’s us down is around exchanges. Currently there is no way to exchange an item. Spanx recommend that if you would like to exchange an item then you should return the current item you have purchased and then create a new order. This isn’t a huge issue, though it does mean that you’ll be a little short while you wait for the refund to be progressed.

    Spanx shipping



    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can buy Spanx from a huge variety of locations online. Obviously you can start off with Spanx's website.

    Spanx run promotions throughout the year where they will reduce the price of certain items. This is in addition to offers they have at the usual times of year. The easiest way to find about these extra promotions is by subscribing to our mailing list and we will let you know about any upcoming promotions.

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