Sweet Sweat waist trainer reviews

With an event coming up, you will be able to get in shape fast…but there is something else you can do. Read Sweet Sweat waist trainer reviews for more

Picture this: you have an outfit in your closet that you have been dreaming of wearing, but you cannot. Not because of it not fitting you, but because you are self-conscious about your body and whether it actually looks good on you.

If this situation sounds familiar, you are not alone – plenty of women and men alike struggle with looking good and being confident in the clothes they wear, especially as they get older and the ravages of time begin showing up. However, it is great to have a good waist trainer in these instances, in order to still maintain a seamless look beneath your clothes. Finding a good quality waist trainer is not easy, though, as there are many brands in the market and you might not be sure what to go for.

In this article, we will look at one of these brands, Sweet Sweat waist trainer, and see whether it is seamless and fit enough for you to wear – as well as whether it is actually worth your money.

Sweet Sweat waist trainer reviews
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    What to expect from Sweet Sweat

    Unlike many waist trainers, the Sweet Sweat trainer somehow lives up to its name- you place it around your abdominal region and waist during your workouts, then it works to burn fat. The major claim is that it increases the temperature of your core during a workout session, which will then enhance the thermogenic activity in the body that burns abdominal fat and slims you down. As you continue to use it, you can use it to burn even more belly fat with time.

    Key features


    You can get this product in two colors – yellow and black, and black and pink. The product is primarily made from latex-free neoprene that is also of very high quality and will have few side effects on your skin (unless in a few cases, where a lot of heat and sweat becomes trapped and causes skin redness and irritation).

    However, despite the risk of skin itchiness, it still provides plenty of support to the lower part of your back because of its contour shape, while also giving you quite the impressive heat insulation on a cold day. The inner lining is also textured and has grid shapes all over to repel the absorption of sweat and moisture. Even if you use it with additional products, chances are still high that you will get the results you want in a short time.


    A major problem when it comes to shapewear is failing to buy the correct size, so you are stuck with something that is too small or too big for you and leaves you uncomfortable with it. Additionally, some makers of these products do not have a wide range of sizes, which presents an issue when you want to buy a specific size.

    However, this company has plenty of size ranges, but these are grouped into 5 main ones ranging from XXL to small. They are:

    • XXL – best for waists up to 58”, measures 60” x 10”
    • XL – best for waists up to 49”, measures 51” x 10”
    • Large – best for waists up to 40”, measures 44” x 9”
    • Medium – best for waists up to 38”, measures 41” x 8”
    • Small – best for waists up to 33”, measures 35” x 8”

    Note that even though it is meant to fit snugly around your waist area, it should also be loose enough to give your body some breathing room during a workout. Avoid having it too tight, or else it will be uncomfortable to use. The good news is that it is flexible enough to fit around the waist and still stay comfortable.

    Comes with a free bonus

    You might think that the only thing you are receiving is the waist trainer itself – but it comes with a host of other goodies for free, such as the bestselling Sweet Sweat gel and a breathable carrying bag for your workout gear. The gel itself is useful when you want to maximize your results, according to the company.

    What to keep in mind

    • This product is not intended to be the usual waist trainer, as we mentioned before – so avoid wearing it outside of workout sessions.
    • Avoid using it if you are allergic to neoprene – and if you are not sure, wear it for a few hours and see if the skin develops a rash. If it does, then stop wearing it immediately.
    • Avoid using it if you happen to be vulnerable to skin conditions, especially dermatitis.
    • Avoid using it when you have open wounds on your skin, as the heat and moisture will lead to infections.
    • It will give you some support to your back, but it is not primarily intended for this use – it is only meant to be worn in short time periods
    • If you are unsure about the sizing, it is best to order a size down
    • Even though it might have a ‘wetsuit smell’, this will go away with time as you wash it and expose it to plenty of air.


    • It does what it promises to do through increasing your sweating rate during a workout and boosts the intensity of your workouts
    • The company provides workout enhancement cream as a bonus
    • It is quite comfortable and can stay in place even when your exercises sessions are not as intense
    • Gives quick results
    • The sweating provides a way for the body to detox itself


    • It can cause some skin irritation, especially if you are allergic to latex. This is due to the intense sweating and redness of the skin
    • If you are not consistent, it will not give you the results you want
    • Tends to be more expensive compared to many other waist trimmers

    Wrapping up

    The Sweet Sweat waist trainer is a product of good quality, and it also delivers on many of its claims. The special lining and high-quality materials will also help it to remain in place regardless of whether your workout is intense or not. At the end of the day, it is both an effective and simple exercise tool.

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