Waist Trainers vs Shapewear old

Waist Trainers vs Shapewear

Are you looking for a long term or short term solution for a slim waist? Read this waist trainer vs shapewear piece to know the differences in functionality

In today’s world, there is a tonne of products available on the market to help you get the shape you want. Waist trainers and body shapewear are the most popular amongst ladies today, but it is essential to understand the difference between waist trainers vs shapewear. Body shapewear is a piece of clothing that is put on to give others an illusion that someone has a slimmer, more toned body than they have. You will normally put the shapewear on before you put on your dress or jeans. This is a form of temporarily changing the wearer’s body size and shape.

Waist trainers, on the other hand, are fabricated to squeeze your waist and your stomach. This forces your figure to fit into the garments curve. The fabric of your waist trainer is designed to hold onto your tummy. The trainer readjusts all the parts of your stomach to suit a figure that makes you look like you have a more toned and flat stomach. A waist trainer is fitted with a rigid steel boning. Waist trainers require you to use them over a more extended period to get your body to mold to the shape that you’re trying to achieve. While it is a longer-term solution, it does provide immediate results as well, as while you’re wearing the waist trainer, you will look slimmer and more toned.

Many women browse through different lingerie departments and stores looking for a garment that could squeeze and smoothen any excessive bumps underneath their clothes, essentially taking off a few inches here and there.

A lot of confusion exists while trying to differentiate between shapewear and a waist trainer. There are so many different options and different kinds of waist trainers and shapewear in the market today. In this article, we take a look at the advantages of both garments while distinguishing between the two.

How do the garments fit, and what results do you get?

waist trainers vs shapewear

Waist Trainer

When it comes to your waist trainer, it is essential to ensure that you choose the right size and that it fits your body type just right. There are many different types of waist trainers designed to fit different body types. It is vital that you select a corset that is the right size for you. Some women are tempted to go for a corset that is too tight in the hope of getting results faster. Not only does using a waist trainer that is too small not help shape your waist quicker, but it can be incredibly uncomfortable and in some cases, dangerous!

With a waist trainer, it is also essential for you to place a liner between your skin and the trainer. Your skin naturally releases oils and moisture that can affect your trainer. To keep your trainer in good condition and have it smelling nice, a layer between your body and the corset is necessary. When you start using a trainer, it is vital to allow your body to adjust to the garment slowly. Your body won’t appreciate you going overboard with the training, so take it slowly.


Shapewear, on the other hand, covers the hip area of your body and also has low cuts under the chest area, allowing you to put on your bra. Just like the waist trainers, the body shapewear tucks in your tummy as well as shaping your hip and bum area. With a body shaper, you do not necessarily have to place a liner in between your skin and the shaper as they are more easily washed. You can also wear your shaper for 8 hours on your first time wearing it if you wanted.

The shaper does not reduce your waistline as dramatically as the trainer; however, it is excellent at clinching in that excess fat on your hip and bum area, making you look so much more toned than you are. I great example of shapewear is the Honeylove Sculptwear.

Do waist trainers and shapewear help in losing weight?

There is a lot of information out there about how waist trainers and shapewear can effortlessly let you lose weight. Unfortunately, along with the fact that birthday cake has no calories, this isn’t true. Waist trainers can help you mold your body into the shape you want during the process, but ultimately losing weight can only be achieved through exercise and diet.

While you do hear of some people who claim their waist trainers have helped them to lose weight, I feel that this is likely to be down to them being more conscious of what they are eating. In the same way that vegetarians and vegans will tend to lose weight as they are a lot more aware of what they are eating, so are less likely to eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting (peanut butter cup anyone?).

Do the garments boost your self-esteem?

As we all know, we frequently compare our bodies to one another; we don’t mean to, it’s just how we are. In today’s world, surrounded by models in magazines, Instagram, and just life, in general, we feel that we would be happier if only we looked a particular way. Waist trainers and body shapers can help you to control the way that your body looks, helping you fit into that little black dress you’ve had your eye on. Having that control and having the outer appearance that you’re looking for can have a fantastic effect on your self-esteem.

It is worth remembering, though shapewear will help your body look a particular way while you’re wearing it only, and waist trainers will train your body to look a particular way, but you still have to be comfortable in your skin.

Summary, waist trainers vs shapewear

Waist trainer

  • Useful for making longer-term changes to how your body looks.
  • Requires to be worn regularly to train your body to take a certain shape.
  • It provides immediate shaping but will not necessarily be as clean as what you would get with shapewear.
  • You should wear a liner between your skin and the waist trainer unless it is specifically designed not to need one.
  • Less flexible, regularly using boning such as steel.


  • Useful for shorter-term changes. As the name suggests, this will shape the way you look.
  • It is made from more flexible materials without boning, which would limit movement.
  • You don’t need to wear a liner between your skin and the waist trainer.
  • Tends to come down over the hips to ensure a clean, smooth line in whatever you’re wearing.

Hopefully, this has helped you to understand the difference between waist trainers vs shapewear, and it has helped you to ensure you’re able to buy the right one for you.

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