When do you see results from waist training?

Waist training is something that woman, and men, do to change the way they look and while we know that we won’t see results immediately it is only human to wonder “when will I see results from waist training?” You may also be new to the idea of waist training and want to get some ideas about it.

Unfortunately, as with most questions about how long something will take, the answer is “it depends”, you may start to see results in a few days but for fuller results expect this to take months or even years. Below are some of the factors that influence how long it will take to see results with waist training as well as some tips and tricks to see the results quicker.

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    Factors that influence how long waist training will take

    How long and frequently you wear your waist trainer


    The change to your body will be a product of the amount of time that you spend wearing your waist trainer for. This is a combination of the frequency that you wear the waist trainer and the amount of time that you wear it. You’re more likely to get results from wearing your waist trainer for a couple of hours a day rather than a whole day every few weeks. Your body will naturally start to take on the shape that your waist trainer is molding it into overtime. When you start waist training you should look to start off for a short period of time, say half an hour a day for a week then increase that by half an hour every week. Always listen to your body, you may need to take it slower than that, which is fine. Just remember that you’re in this for the long run and getting it right it the main thing. As you’ll see me say in a lot of places on this site, take this in moderation. Do not overdo it. While you may think that buying yourself a waist trainer and then wearing it overnight will mean that you’ll be able to knock out a solid 8 hours of wearing it straight aware but this isn’t a great idea. You should be awake at any point that you are wearing a waist trainer, this will ensure you’re aware if your body starts to feel unduly uncomfortable, which left unattended may result in very negative consequences.

    How big of a change you’re looking to make

    If you’re looking to make a drastic change to the amount of shape of your body then it will take considerably longer than if you only want to slightly change it. I know that sounds obvious but it is worth being clear on that. Based on my experience of working with clients working on health goals, I’d strongly suggest that if you do want to make quite drastic changes then break this down into smaller steps. This will help you recognize the progress that you’re making towards the goal as start ticking off those steps. One thing that can cause you to take considerably longer to achieve your goals is actually trying to go too fast. If you try drastically cinching your waist in one go you’re more likely to hurt yourself and make yourself unwell. If you end up getting hurt or unwell then you won’t be able to work towards your goals. It’s the old tortoise and the hare approach. Slow and steady will win this race.

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    Your diet


    Your diet will always have a massive impact on the way your body looks and feels.

    “You are what you eat”

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to lose weight, get a certain shape or just feel healthier, what you eat has a massive impact on that. Using a waist trainer to try and achieve a certain shape while eating a double pepperoni, double cheese, deep-pan pizza every night is unlikely to result in you achieving the shape that you want in any meaningful timeframe. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the occasional indulgence, in fact, I would personally recommend it, but it should be an occasional indulgence.

    Your body

    Ultimately, your body will decide how long it will take to start naturally taking on the hour-glass shape that you’re looking for. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you can rush. Pushing your body too hard will only cause you problems so don’t do it.

    Your body

    How long will it take?

    We now have a better idea of the factors that will influence how long it will take for waist training to achieve results, so let’s start looking at a bit more of how long it can take. As discussed above, this can vary drastically so your results may vary. You might start to see some results after wearing a waist trainer for a few days but you will only really start to see results after months, or even years of wearing a waist trainer.

    Immediate, short term results

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    Waist trainers can give you immediate results, but this is only while you’re actually wearing the waist trainer. Once you take the waist trainer off your body will go back to the shape it naturally is. As a lot of waist trainers are quite constricting, by necessity to achieve what we are looking for, they are not necessarily going to be the best thing to wear all day. If you’re looking for something to wear all day to get a slimmer and curvier look then it may be more appropriate for you to have a look at shapewear, we have a post on what the difference between a waist trainer and shapewear is if you need more information. One of the most popular shapewear solutions out there is the Sculptwear Honeylove, which we feel is getting a lot of attention for good reasons.

    Getting Long Term Results

    The ultimate goal of waist training is for your body to hold a certain shape even when you’re not wearing a waist trainer. This is something that you can achieve but it will require you to wearing your waist trainer consistently over a long period of time. I wish there was a magic wand you could wave and instantly have the perfect waist that you’re looking for but as with anything worthwhile, it’s the result of time and effort. As mentioned above, if you’ve never worn a waist trainer before then start by wearing a waist trainer for half an hour a day, slowly increasing that, half an hour each week. Eventually, you’ll be used to wearing a waist trainer for long periods of time and your body will start to mold to the shape, the combination of frequency, every day, and time giving you the results. If you stick with it for the long term, eventually, your waist will stay in the shape of the waist trainer without needing to wear it! Consistency is key!

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